Plunderstorm - horrible experience

I was trying to play this mode today just to be farmed non-stop by 3-4 levels higher players, for one hour or so.
Alt-F4 rage quit.

Never going to join this mode again.

The only tactic is to land on top of a mob to fast get a spell, kill as soon as you can some players and level up fast. If you miss the start you’re dead.

No chance to get some plunder after few minutes into the game.

I was hoping to get at least some fast renown, but no. After one hour, I’m at renown 2.

I’m out. I really hope some players will love this mode and quit wow to play some serious good graphics Battle Royale game.

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Theres a whole dedicated section for Plunderstorm.

It was fun the first rounds, then I started to get angry and wanted to quit, came in 2nd place 4 times and decided to not give up until I won a game, I did and you can’t pay me to play this again.

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it is the sweep it under the rug section.
put all negative stuff there, so if it colossally fails and the timed event is gone, you can delete all feedback with one click

where is the dedicated section of all the other events lol

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Good, just sweep it under the rug then, forums are terrible to read atm with 9/10 threads being Plunderstorm and people apparently genuinely thinking they can change things by complaining about it.

mean just simple bettel royal not fan of it rbg entire team whit u this not tack noting just plain stomp mind gind rep ye no thx u

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