PLZ fix the unholy dk pet!

when i play unholy in m+ my pet dies every 20 sec. it has been al days

That’s why I don’t like playing pet class :confused:
Let’s say I haven’t had such a problem, but I only use 16 keys.

what do you mean? warlock pets and hunter pets are fine :slight_smile: dont whine now, everyting is fine, DK is without any problems and is infact alot easier and smoother to play than the VERY HARD gameplay of Demo warlock and BM hunter. and that’s a fact from the ministriy of truth!

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I’ve not played a lot of UHDK, but in the 18-20s I run as offspec I’ve yet to see my pet die

The only occasion I’ve ever seen my pet die is when it walks and stays on lava, usually happens in open world. To this date never seen my pet die within a dungeon.

you sure you just not hitting a dismiss pet macro by accident?

man i just want my sludge belcher back as a talent option to replace the ghoul for a stronger abom all blizz would have to do is remove feasting strike that no one takes just make the abom deal 10-15% more damage than the ghoul have 10-15% more hp and take 10-15% less damage,

also they need to fix skulker this spell don’t scale whit our talents at all and also this talent should be included when infected claw is taken, another thing should be if you take sludge belcher the skulker should be replaced for 2 nerubians that can have a pvp talent that makes them every 1 min root targets in place if talented in.

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