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There seem to be a lot of pointless threads lately, even more than usual. St first i thought it was just me noticing them more because of a perceived slow-down of forum usage in recent weeks.
But now i’m wondering whether the creation of threads counts to ward your trust level? And if it does then it might just be people trying to artificially increase their own trust level?

Just had another thought … maybe it’s infectious as i now also appear to have made a pointless thread. I apologise as it was not my intent to try and artificially inflate my trust level. Pretty sure my forums bans for crimes against language will stop my own level from surpassing 1 anyway.
Just to be sure … bum titz willy fart.

Have a good weekend.

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It doesn’t count towards your trust level. I’ve never made a thread and I got TL3 (twice)

You can also still earn TL3 even with bans just can’t have any in the last 100 or 50 or whatever random number of days made up today by the random number generator they appear to be using…

Points for inventive use of language though :rofl:


Congrats , you’ve just created another pointless thread to point out that there are pointless threads.

Outstanding move.

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Read it all sarcypants … this bit in particular.
“Just had another thought … maybe it’s infectious as i now also appear to have made a pointless thread.”

Pointless posts in pointless threads are just as outstanding.

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Yes… a new thing.


There is no role of creating thread counting towards your trust level .so your whole discussion is flawed and moot .

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Do you not know what a ? indicates? It is usually considered a mighty big hint that the words preceding it are a question.

Go back and read it again and feel silly at your tinterwebz edginess.


And I have given you an answer in polite manner . Maybe start looking at urself before pointing fingers at others .


How ironic.

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Can I have your gold?


Pointless posts in pointless thread about pointless threads damn xzibit got lost again …

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You don’t really need to start any threads/topics to gain trust levels. You do need to reply to something as little as 10 topics to count towards your trust level 3, over a 100 day period (or within 50 days to do it at 50% of that time period). There is a FAQ pinned at the top of the forum that explains the requirements.


I am not judging or anything but which threads you think are pointless ones? If you mean the somewhat silly ones i think people start them and participate just to have some laughs in between serious subjects. Those lighten up the mood in forums and are soft place to hop when arguments flame up. So totally not pointless! :hugs:

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