Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee

(Kahlee) #1

So anyone going to play this today or later? I got my Pikachu copy today and am eager to boot it up on my switch! I know many are waiting for a new mainseries game but this will be enough right now until the Gen 8 version next year.


I have a serious question for you lady Kahlee.

How old are you?

Btw for me its ‘NO’ .
Im to old for that sh1t plus 1st Pokemon generation > rest garbage .


(Xakura) #3

No, i’m not 8-12 year old anymore.

Yeah sorry but that is the age Pokemon games are meant for if you ask me.

(Kahlee) #4

To answer your question I am 29 years old but that doesn’t change anything about my love for Pokémon. I’ve been a fan since the franchise started when I was 9-10 years old. Also this game is only 1st generation.

Also I’m a dude

It’s meant for everyone, games are meant to be played by everyone. To be enjoyed regardless of age.

You two need to cheer up and don’t act so “grown up”, a term when used in this context is just lame. If people just took the time to play like kids they would have so much more fun. Most people today tend to forget to just have fun.

(Hairira) #5

Got my Eevee a bit late, but if you need someone to trade with for version exclusives then let me know. Still lacking the charm for some shiny hunting here. ^^

(Moothilda) #6

Haven’t got my Switch yet, but the Pokémon games are the first to be bought here :smiley:

(Sylvare) #7

Alola > 1st gen > rest
fite me ingame if you disagree

I’ll probably pick up a copy during christmass

(Hairira) #8

If we’re strictly talking games then i’ll have to say that Emerald and Platinum are my favourites thanks to their postgame.

(Kahlee) #9

Nice! I do not really need any exclusives as I can just send over them from pokémon GO :slight_smile: . But later on trades for evolving is something.

Alolan are pretty cool, except I really question the Sandcastle Pokémon.

They’re pretty great and yeah Emerald is probably the best of them all.


this :pensive::ok_hand:


I love Pokémon games, me and my brother have played all ones ever since first ones was released (Red & Blue). I and my brother is gonna have these two as Christmas gifts, but I got my brother version and i know he got mine. Can’t wait to see how Kanto looks like. (But my biggest wish for Pokemon is a huge MMORPG like a game that you can travel around.) :slight_smile:


I want to get it!

But I’ll probably get Eevee because Eevee

And my favourite generation is Gen 1-3

All 3 of those are brilliant

(Moothilda) #13

I just got my Switch yesterday, it was a bundle so I have the joy of having Pikachu and Eevee looking at me from the docking station :sunglasses:

I must applaud how easy it is to get started with the Switch, I remember Nintendo 3DS and PS4 being more diffucult and took a lot longer than the 5 min I spend this time :thinking:

The last time I played Pokémon was on the Nintendo 3DS, so I gotta say the graphics really have improved, so great to look at :+1:

But I hate the pokéball, I don’t think I’ll play that much with that - joy stick is the ones I’ll play with

(Hairira) #14

When you have bigger hands than a 7 - 10 year old it becomes hard to use the pokeball properly. It certainly feels way too small to me and some of the controls are a bit awkward.

(Moothilda) #15

I think you are right, it is very awkward when it’s being held by an adult

(system) #16

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