Poll: What faction + server type will you be rolling?

RP PvE both factions

PvE if not

horde never needed fearward they have 80% undead population

Horde PvP, as a Tauren warrior, very curious about the Ashenvale events, and will imagine that this ‘world pvp events’ will gradually apply on zones like Hillsbrad, Arathi, and other zones on Kalimdor, and ofcourse the new dungeons/raids, very interesting indeed :upside_down_face:

Most people go orc for the DmG cooldown, Stun resist and Axe hit rating, as far as i know.

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ok 40% orcs, 40% undeads, 20% trolls/taurens. it’s still more anti-fear than 1-3 dwarf priests in a raid

You underestimate how hard people go to Optimise their set up.

Fear ward is king.

in AB/WSG 1-3 dwarf’s fearwards have less impact than 5-8 undeads with personal anti-fears (+ earthquake totem)

Noone cares about PvP man.

Never take that into consideration

Why would I go BGs with Ashenvale PvP and other optional PvP zones in later phases?
The honor and rewards in BGs is a joke anyway.

You know every players in this game yeah :rofl:

just don’t come in BGs with that attitude, i didn’t asked you anything, play your game

Noone worth knowing cares about it.

I’m just saying you should never take it into consideration when talking on the forums.

you underestimate the forums

Fear ward is mainly to not have the Onyxia breath the raid when tank gets feared.

Stuff like that.

Thus why people like to go alliance for Dwarf priest.

I’m sure it’ll be needed for the new BFD as well.

Just don’t reply with that attitude, and welcome to igno.

I’m starting with a Horde shaman then an Alliance Warlock (PvE ofc).

But don’t forget Blizzard are using Active Faction Balancing so get in before they lock the PvP realms for one faction.

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Would have preferred to play in an RP server even though it’s seasonal, but since it seems RP PVE is not in the cards will be heading to the PVE server.

BGs are Stadiums, don’t enter if you don’t want to play the ball… simple
I hope pvp events in zones gonna be fun, but Warsong is still the best since 2004. understand who understand

replying to the thread i want to play shaman healer but if there is no dwarf shaman i still don’t know what faction i choose… see you tomorrow !

I was thinking Pve also because Classic era has f***** my motivation.Wpvp really sucks

The thing is, you can transfer your pve into pvp servers (Sod ones, or classic era ones)??

I dont know if they would allow it the other way round

It seems less go for PvE Horde, so that will probably be my choice.

Realm type: PvE always, prevfer RP. No discuss here.
Faction: Up to discuss, I play both.
Class: Not Rogue, not Mage, Maybe Shaman for Horde and Pally for Alliance or Hunter in either.

When: Not first week, maybe not first two. I not like crowded, and will enjoy uncrowded HC.

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I was between horde and ally pvp but I decided to go horde because of barrens chat and night elf zone. I like night elf but their zone feels like out of world. I’ll just stick with my orc and troll friends in durotar and go barrens from there to enjoy chatting with my orc, tauren, undead and my kind troll friends.

And I also think everyone should pay attention to what Dottie said, they are super right, if you had your mind about faction and class choice try to do it on launch even if you can’t play at that hour. Blizz will faction balance sod realms, you may find one side locked out when you have time to play and it may be your faction of choice that is locked.

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