Poll: What faction + server type will you be rolling?

Curious what faction + server type you will be rocking in SOD?


Alliance RP-PvE if it exists. If not I might risk RP-PvP though I don’t like the idea.

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This time I will choose PVE, Alliance is my preference. I prefer lower population realm and usually PVE servers have fewer players than PVP ones.

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PvP realm Horde. My Tauren Warrior is looking forward to step on gnomes.


Horde because to me, Shaman is more important than Paladin.
Since we have Open World PvP Events like Ashenvale and other zones in the future I’m fine with PvE Servers.

Also a PvP server starts to get more interesting in higher levels, not 1 - 25.

PVE Horde, Undead Warlock for me. I love PVP but I like it separated from PVE so I can chill when I wanna chill and kill when I wanna kill. See you in Ashenvale! :wave:

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Horde PvE, as usual.

I was going to go PvE Alliance, but now that they announced RP-PvP, I am really torn between both options.
Luckily levelling to 25 only takes like 2 evenings, so if the ganking on RP-PvP proves too intolerable, I’ll just reroll to PvE.
I have never played the no shoes mud hut or literal corpse faction past level 18 or so in wow beta, and don’t intend to start now.

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Your troll level is unbelievable.

I will play Horde like always. And PVP, like always. That was easy. But which race? That is the tough question.

PvE Alliance

Same, I’m glad that my prefered classes can be Orcs.

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Alliance PvE. I was on Gehennas when 2019 classic released and PvP was sadly nothing like I remembered, especially from P2 onward, it was too min-maxed except for a few immense brawls here and there. So PvE this time although I will gladly engage in Ashenvale PvP from times to times! Plus PvE population is much better imho, essentially being free of GDKPs.

Edit : plus looking at this thread and a few others, a lot of PvE realm players share the same interest for PvP as me so it’s gonna be great!

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Yea plenty of PvP options on PVE servers this time. I’m rolling on PVE horde and looking forward to have some fun in Ashenvale and WSG.


No you will not. PvP realm will be instantly flooded with Horde, so unless someone creates an Alliance and does it fast you will sit in queue to create character simulator. Didn’t you read about faction balancing changes they bring in to PvP SoD realms?

And you know what Horde will do in that case? Whine and roar threatening to unsub, just like they did at the start of TBCC when BG queue was insane and they got their HvH.

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So again, for you. I will play Horde like always. And PVP, like always. I don’t care if there’s a long queue. It will be much better than a monofaction server(like 10000x better), even if it takes hours to start play. I can do something else in the meantime. I didn’t whine about queues even once (I remember 20 000 queues and more). And I hate HvH so much. I wish there would be an option to only log AvH, even with a much longer queue, as I mentioned somewhere on this forum. Anything else to say, my little, projecting buddy?

We need more people to click the poll to increase sample size. Let’s go!

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There may be no long queue option if Horde slots would be taken fast and Alliance seeing disbalance as conservatively PvE faction (let’s face it people may reroll later, but so far PvE players preferred Alliance in SoM/ERA/HC) will go to PvE realm instead of waiting for restrictions.

The only chance for you to play Horde on PvP realm would be if Blizz give up on their attempt of creating a balanced realm and lifting restrictions after huge whine wave on forums.

I’m fairly sure alliance is the Majority

The glyphs seems to add most benefits Shaman brings.

So alliance is Paladin, Dwarf fear ward and most things horde exclusive from the season stuff.

On one PvP realm, maybe. The rest would just skip the limitations and go to PvE.

If you like PVP but don’t like ganking other people (as I do) there’s plenty of PVP options this time in SOD.

Open world PVP events at any time you want, BGs at any time you want, duels at any time you want. And of course you can flag yourself for PVP at any time you want to feel the thrill of getting attacked at any time.

Don’t get irritated by the name PVE server and come join the PVE Horde tomorrow for some fun PVP action! Or the Alliance if you like bald humans… :wink: