Ponny Slakteriet Recruiting

With the release of Shadowlands, a new guild formed on on Magtheridon - Horde in the hopes of finding players of different gendres and ages to fill the raid rooster for the future raids to come. =)

We are currently a stable group of 6 players that is steady increasing, tho we having abit of issue with tanks to fill the rooster, so for the time being we have had to pug tanks. Which I’m hoping YOU are one to join our guild and not make us having to pug a tank ever again :smiley:

Other speccs, like healer and dps are welcome to join also because we do mythic + dungeons on a regular basis also for those who just want to play that. Socials are equally welcome as raiders are.

Currently we have downed 3 bosses and have a few good tries on Lady Inerva in Castle of Nathria. =)

Sunday is a set raid day with the server time 7pm to 10pm, currently trying to figure out the 2nd raid day that will be from 7pm to 10pm also.

If you have further questions or just feel like joining, send me a whisper on bnet and we can take it from there =)

Best regards, your friendly warrior Philip

Bnet: Viklund#2519

Hi there buddy, if you would ever like to merge with a guild maybe give Mawful a look! Were a fun tough loving community looking to push hc raids and think you’d be a creative and needed addition!
Let me know what you think and shoot me a message on discord! Blakery#1472

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