Poor Shadow Priests mantle of ceremonial ascension

Im happy to grind for a reward.

If you’re happy to grind for weeks just to roll the dice youre an idiot.


People are getting refunds. They are linking it in Warcraft Priest Discord, time to re-open the ticket i guess


Seems like you assumed i am true MMO RPGer, but thats not the case!
I like my staff predictable as well.

But as you say or imply in your posts here quite often: dont like - dont do it :slight_smile:
it just too delicious moment to not serve you your favourite condensanding nonsense!

If you say so

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I got 2 weeks Residuum refunded, so make a ticket


Just to clarify, while this should be fixed moving forward, if you were affected by this please contact us and we’ll do our best to assist with this!


so do they refund the azerite you bought and give you back the residium?

i want that too :slight_smile:

how come i got banned, for using one word that isn’t even a swear word, yet the moderator here (im presuming yourself in this case) just changed the post instead of banning the person and deleting the post? are you saying i wasn’t frustrated with various things that caused me to make my post?

double standards much?

Might have been that persons first offense and they might have gotten a warning.

You don’t know, so drop the faux outrage.

and you presume it was not my first offense that i got a ban? cause it was. its not faux outrage aimed at the op, its the situational see-saw attitude from blizzard about how they react to things and to what degree.

so yeah, double standards.

Grow up.

It’s like you getting a fine for speeding and then your friend gets pulled over the next day for the same thing and gets a telling off. Do you go to the police and ask them to fine him because its consistent or just accept that sometimes you get luckier than others?


bad example.

i presume, like most crimes, that there is no SET punishment for speeding. so, like with someone who commits murder, they might get a few years, or they might get life. big difference in the punishment. and at the end of it all, the police and the courts have a rulebook which they must adhere to.

in your example both “punishments” are options, and officer one gave a fine, officer 2 gave a warning.

that is not the case with blizzard. and there is no body overseeing the handing out of punishments like with the courts system where you can appeal.

so your attitude of “grow up” shows you dont get the deeper context of blizzards double standards and going back on their word constantly by their staff.

they were WRONG in my case, where, without seeing OP’s original post, i am guessing that they were right, as in OP was swearing.

so again, double standards. if you dont get the consequences of that, no need to reply.

You’re completely biased, maybe his bad word was less bad than yours?

But carry on with your “nnnnngh moommeee y u answer him when he said a naughty word when I got punished!” attitude:rofl:


It’s not like you paid the 200k to be able to pick the one you want exactly so how the hell is that fair?

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im sorry, maybe i am just not explaining myself in a way you can understand.


understand the comparison now?

Ye, that would bebway over the top.

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I opened a ticket and still no response after 9 hours wait time, we will see tomorrow after I wake up!

I am happy to announce “Since we identified that it heavily affected Priests, we’re happy to remove any shoulders gained in Season 3, and then reimburse any Residuum spent. In this case, I can see that you had used a 445 token the other day, so I returned the Residuum you used, so you can re-buy a token, and have a chance to get those BIS Shoulders! Good luck ^^”

Yes i can confirm i got a refund too 47,500 titan residuum!