Pop Balance / Liveliness of Server for reroll

Hey Ashbringer

Hoping to get some advice on your experience on the server. Considering rolling Alliance side here as I’ve played lots of Horde and thought a change would be nice. I’m mainly into PvP but looking forward to some TBC pve content, but all pretty casual s as I don’t have lots of time.

  • How is the server community in general?

  • I checked ironforge and pop seems pretty balanced, not sure how accurate that data is but does 50/50 seem about right?

  • how are queues for BGs on alliance and horde sides?.

thank you

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Hey Buddy :slight_smile:

We have just moved here to.

Queues for BGs for Ally are less than 1 minute most of the time :stuck_out_tongue:

We have started a guild called Spirit, let me know if you come over and we can talk :slight_smile:


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