Population Balance? Horde / Alliance (PvP

Hey Dragonfang,

I’m looking to reroll to a new realm with a better pop balance from my current server. I’m horde on Dreadmist at the moment and BG queues etc are pretty intense.

I can’t find any pop stats for Dragonfang, and wondered what the balance was on the server? I’d prefer to reroll Alliance as I’ve never played it and feel like a bit of a change for TBC. I will be relatively casual, and mostly PvP.

I wondered:

  • How levelling and LFG is as Alliance?
  • How BG queues are as Alliance
  • Is there a decent community, in general, that’s not toxic?

Thanks so much for your thoughts.

Levelling is good currently, ‘only’ a med pop server but the community is very tight knit and friendly. Boosting is actively discouraged and toxicity is minimal. Economy is small and not screwed.

Seems to be a pretty even balance, although slightly in favour of horde…not by much.

3-5 mins AV queues, think about the same for the others.

Is a great server and probably the most ‘Vanilla’ Like server there is.

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