Portal to Ashran Bug?

Hi guys, I am new to the game… so please excuse my ignorance :slight_smile:
I am trying to get to Ashran in Draenor through the portal in Stormwind.
I am taking the portal inside the Castle, on your right if you face the throne. When I hoover the mouse over the portal, the tool-tip says “Ashran” but it doesn’t actually take me to Ashran. It takes me to Shadowmoon Valey in Draenor… at the shore on the north… Is this some kind of a bug? or there’s some quest I should do so I have access to Ashran?
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Welcome to Azeroth!

You have never been to Ashran before?

I think you have to unlock Ashran by taking a quest Resources in Ashran from an NPC in your Draenor Garrison

This is easy if you have a Draenor Garrison. Obviously, not quite so easy if you don’t!

If you have a couple of hours to spare, I would advise getting a Draenor Garrison. Building it up is quite fun, the story to get there is great the first time, and it never hurts to have an extra Hearthstone, which you get from it.

If you’re in a tearing hurry, I wonder whether a mage could teleport you to Ashran, or whether a mage portal would also land you at Shadowmoon.

Do you see a quest there to start your garrison?

I never been to Ashran before. The leveling went so God damn fast… I reached 110 only by doing Pandoria and Cataclysm … things… And they made it even faster now… I may say I understood nothing from the story, I can imagine how it will be for people starting now…
Now I switched to Draenor and I am 110… almost 111.
I am not in a hurry, I enjoy the story and I want to go through… but I don’t understand why they make leveling so fast, you don’t have time to see mostly anything from the world… and boom… you are close to max level not being able to do low level stuff anymore. I hate this.

About the quest you mentioned, it’s called differently but there’s a chick at the same location pointing you to kill some animal. Then you get to create the garrison. I am doing it now.

OK. When your garrison exists and you have met the people there, you will get the quest I linked.


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waw… garrison is very nice… I love it,
I also got to Ashran, thanks!.. meanwhile I got to level 111!, I bet I’ll be 120 before I finish the Draenor content and I still have the whole Legion ahead of me…

I doubt if you’ll be 120 by the end of Draenor :slight_smile: experience gains drop fast.

But I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Post again if you have any more questions or need any help.

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