Portal to Darkmoon Island in Goldshire not working

Hello everybody!

I was eagerly waiting for the Darkmoon Faire, cause I have a few rewards to collect. So this morning, when it finally began, I flew to Goldshire with my Adventurer’s Guide, tickets and tokens in my bags and I flung myself into the portal… only to find that I slipped right through it, and nothing happened.

So I took the usual measures:

  • Disable all addons.
  • Relog.
  • Reload.
  • Scan and repair game.
  • Clear game cache.

All the above to no avail.

I submitted two bug reports, but I got no feedback.
I opened a ticket, but got the usual pre-printed reply that says, “You’re on your own with all in-game issues, we GMs can’t help, and don’t care.”

So now I’m stumped and have no idea what else to do about this.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas as to how to fix it?

I know this seems a bit… simple… but did you click the swirly bit in the middle, not the gate around the edge?

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