Portal to Mechagon

Pleaseeee make this happen.


you can make these https://www.wowhead.com/item=167847/blueprint-ultrasafe-transporter-mechagon

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Set your HS there and use Dalaran HS to get to org.

"We dont have any meaningful journey or adventure when going to the zones boohoo, there is no real world i can interact in and play with " - some noob who wants portals all around

Horde has a “portal” but alliance doesnt.

Horde bias.

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bias bias .let there be bias .


So we have portals to Nazjatar but no Mechagon?

Some noob? On your bike troll, I have no time for you.

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This. I use them all the time.

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They drop from gearchecker cogstar, although the drop rate is the size of my PeePee

That and the spawn of the guy…

u dont need no portal mang, it takes 3 minutes to fly there from boralus. u can literally go make coffee and afk while flying there, or u can be smart and farm ore/herbs

Horde just walks to an npc and gets teleported there. It take only a short loading screen. Why don’t alliance have portal there?

Horde has quick access to area which is supposed to be home of alliance race, while alliance has to take the long way.

You really want to start talking about Horde having quick access to something on Zuldazar?

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Not really.

I have had a few alts dragged trough mechagon and nazjatar on both sides due to essences many times. It felt quicker on horde to get around. The pyramid at zuldazar is annoying yes, but its not that bad.

None of this matters to me anymore. I have no plans atm to grind anymore essences for any alts so I wont be needing the said portal on horde or take flight on alliance.

But since the thread was QQ about portal so I open up on my (minor) grievances about the matter. The truth still stands. Horde has portal there while alliance does not. I dont really have anything else to say about it. :slight_smile:

If I go to Mechagon I just use the flight path and use that time to get a drink or do something irl. That way I am pleasantly surprised to be landed when I get back.

Chromie is in Mechagon most of the time… Cant she make a permanent portal in Stormwind to ease the alliance to travel to there…

Different when you have warmode on and afking at the flight master getting ganked by Horde.

Wasn’t a QQ thread. I just don’t understand why Nazjatar has a portal but Mechagon doesn’t since they were both released at the same time.

Not to mention Mechagnomes are an Alliance race.

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