Portals disappearing in Orgrimmar Portal Room


I finally experienced the Horde side of the new portal rooms but for some reason, there are no portals or NPC’s! If I logout and then log back in while in the center of the room, I can see the NPC’s and portals for few seconds until they just disappear.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a way to sort this weird bug?

Edit: Just switched to my other Horde character and everything seems to be fine. But with my Belf rogue, no portals or npc’s. Another weird bug is that when I go to the Valley of Strength, it is full of NPC’s crying and the door to Grommash Hold is shut, Saurfang is standing there preventing anyone to enter Grommash Hold.

It seems that my rogue is in a phase of no return as I have no quests in my quest log and the NPC’s seems to cry because of Vol’Jin! My rogue is already at level 111 and I have done all the rogue class hall missions, so it is not about legion thing

Edit2: Problem solved. I found a quest giver which started the initial Legion questline for my rogue. All is good now, Vol’jin is dead and Sylvanas is the new leader, again

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