Portals in Vale of Eternal Blossoms Gone?

Alright, I just returned from a pretty long WoW hiatus and the last time I remember the portals were there. Now the portal room just contains a portal to Orgrimmar, why is this? When did this happen?

Blizzard thinks it makes the world bigger if there aren’t that many portals. It makes no sense, but that’s how it is. They removed even more portals.

But there is a new portal room in OG/SW with some portals (not all) as a replacement.


There is a portal room on the right as you enter orgrimmar, pretty sure the guards can mark it on your map if you need them to.

It has portals to pretty much every major continent, including Northrend Dalaran which was previously only in the MoP portal room if I remember right.

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Oh yeah, thanks guys. I didn’t even think of going into the Orgrimmar portal before posting here lol. I understand why’d they want everything to be in one place tho.

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Its not about making the world bigger.
Its about making you take more time with everything. Thats why you have level scaling monsters, thats why… f… just look up the entirety of BFA’s changes.
Its basically a mass of artificially extending play time without giving players any content.

Its what you would essentially call a scam.
50% less everything in your hamburger for the same price and it takes twice as long to pass through your system without adding any kind of beneficial effects to your diet.
But hey. At least its morally gray.

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