Possible Herb bot or just a general rotten egg

I am not sure if anyone else but me have noticed a Mage by the name Omygud - Zandalar Tribe, that litterally goes out of their way to steal herbs from you… They have the past times I’ve come to “The Barrier Hills” been followed by a Gnome mage.

They targets me, puts follow on me and flies after me, and ones I spot a herb, they dive down with me, they cast Icy veins to get faster cast time and there is no way I can get the herb before they do…

Not just that, they are also just shamelessly stealing nodes that you have tagged, start mining them… I have a bvbrief GIF to show what I mean… In this one I found the node first and shortly after he came flying down and started mining on it.

Note: And today 5th of october 2021, another mage came and started doing the same thing to me, and this is just a day or so after I read the last response I got from a GM about them gonna take action against this. So, by just assuming, this mage omygud, wasn’t in a party at first, but as soon as this mage appeared he was, and I whispered this person asking them, if they could get off my back… All I got was a /s message “OK” and they just continued flying after me, at some point both these two mages were following me, just being rotten eggs.

So if anyone have met the same fate as I have, please report these people, they are just griefing other players. I am not even sure they are players, they can just be bots as well, but I am not sure how advanced bots are these days…

Douchebag 1 : Omygud - Gnome Mage - Zandalar Tribe
Douchebag 2 : Somaye - Gnome Mage - Zandalar Tribe
Well that was all for me

I have gained more than 15k honor from killing Omygud and Somaye. You know me , we had our fights too but mainly because I was under the impression that every alliance that comes to Barrier Hills is in league with this mage. I stopped farming at that spot because there are constantly Omygud, Somaye, Homa +1 , +2 other players (like a druid that’s constantly on top the north node) that seem to be a team making the place not worth the time which makes me also wonder , what’s the point in sharing Barrier Hills with 3 other players? Where’s the profit? Why do they keep doing it?

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