Possible New Guild

Hey Folks, I just wanted to put some feelers out there as I’ve returned to Moonglade which was my original home back in classic days. It’s obviously a lot quieter now but there must be some similar players to me out there. I’m looking at starting a casual guild for folks interested in having a nice relaxed guild, the hope would be we can run some content but nothing hardcore. I myself am a father of three so tend to get on a couple of nights a week but it would be nice to have some people to chat to when I’m on. I’m not massive on the Rp front but love seeing it happen around me and enjoy watching from afar. These days I mainly run older content and work towards achievements but am always happy to help others out. As I say very much at the feelers stage but if anybody is out there and feels this is a guild you might like to be part of please do let me know hopefully we can create a small community of like minded players and have some fun.

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If ur still looking, shoot me a mail ig, as we’re always looking for mature and chillaxed people :slight_smile: “Legion of The Horde”

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