Post if you want to make some in-game friends (pt3)


About me:

Age: 31
personality: patient, little insane
faction: Both, but mainly play Horde.
characters: Way too many and on different leveling regions. ask me !
Playing time: Most weekdays from 19:00 to 23:00, and all day in weekends.
up for: Mythic +, PVP , PVE, having fun!(you know that thing people started forgetting in WoD. Not the most geared but would love to have a group to play and do fun stuff with!
other interests: Sports, programming, Anime, dad jokes(LOL)
Battletag: Zephox#11529

(Chocoh) #11

Someone make a looking for mates discord, where we can go on and have a laugh :wink:

(Alagondar) #12

Age - 47
Personality - Chaotic good, slightly mad, coarse sense of humour
Faction - Alliance
Characters - just this one that I use these days
Playing Time - random
Up For - Low M+ (up to +5 atm, LFR PVE) and willing to help new players, but most of all I play as a wind down from work and RL sh*t

Other Interests - Music, model railways(just starting on that), cooking, Real ales

BattleTag - MajorTom#2609

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that’s a great idea m8

(Keyur) #14


Char - too many on diff releam like veknilash dreanor silvermoon doomhammer etc

Interests - achivements hunting and currently working on allied race heritage armor.

About me - friendly and helpful person but can’t stand rude/unnecessary elite behaviour.

Faction : both but main in Horde

(Skolen) #15

About me: I started playing during WOTLK and continued to play through cata, then stopped playing during MoP, didn’t have a decent enough computer during WoD or Legion but I have since upgraded and back with BFA and so far enjoying it, it helps that I have been waiting a long time to play again so glad I am back

Age: 26

Personality: laid back and a big kid most of the time but mature when I need to be

Side: Horde (but could be persuaded to create an alliance alt)

Chars: main is this a Paladin (DPS)

Spec: Combat only (will tank if I know the dungeon)

Playing time: pretty much most nights of the week once I’m finished work and kids in bed

Up for: finding like minded people to chat with all my friends no longer play and the grind can be tedious with no one to talk to, would also like to create a char with someone to level up beside them

Other interests: F1, football, Ice Hockey and American football

Battletag: Skelon8892#2765

Returning need a new home :)

About me: Just returned to wow after a few months break. Atm stuck in doors all day and night and got no friends.

Age: 31

Personality: Shy but once i feel ok im crazy :slight_smile:

Side: either really still trying to decide.

Chars: mostly play my MW monk.

Spec:Healing mostly

Playing time: Anytime any place lol tho sometimes im away from my pc.

Up for: Anything really just looking to make some friends really.

Other interests: Games anime movies books.


(Scrawny) #17

Server: Nordrassil
Personality: I dunno. I guess I’m pretty witty.
Hobbies: Playing the piano, drawing, reading manga and ofc, playing WoW.

Battletag: Scrawny#21441

(Darjana) #18

I’ve been playing since Vanilla, though most of whom I played with back then have quit over the years and well it does get kinda lonely/boring doing things by yourself in game. Looking for a guild on Draenor (Horde) and Argent Dawn (Alliance) as well if anyone happens to be on those realms.

Age: 30, though 31 in January
Personality: Sense of humor and friendly :slight_smile:
Faction: Currently play both
Characters: On Horde mainly troll druid and on Alliance draenei paladin though leveling a priest at the moment
Playing Time: At moment its whenever I have a chance as I am at university so it does come first.
Up For: Anything really, and older content to get armor sets.
Battletag: xvPandoravx#2768


hi hi :heart:

i’m a newish player (since 2017) and i’m still confused as to what class/faction to main. as for now i’m focusing on leveling my draenei holy priest (lvl 98!!!) but i have two 120s on both horde and ally and many lower level characters on multiple servers…since i can’t decide what my ideal server is lol

so far i looooove to run old raids and dungeons because i love to collect mog,mounts,pets and etc. it’d be fun to have someone around who’s more experienced than me since i have a lot of questions about the game~

if you’d like to help me through leveling, run legacy raids, tutor/teach/guide me on various things, or just have a friend to chat with then please add me!

age: 21
other: open for voice chat, semi learning russian, lover of music



Happy holidays to everyone!


About me: I have been playing about a year now, so quite a new player here. I play end- game and i also have two low level characters.
I´d love to find game friends, someone to play with, ask for help and to have fun with. Don´t be shy to send me a message!
Age: 23
Personality: Patient, warm, friendly
Faction: For the Horde
Characters: Many on different leveling stages, 10-120. Hunter, Highmountain druid etc…
Playing time: I go to work, so i play mostly on afternoons. At weekends i play 4-5 hours.
Up for: PVP, PVE, dungeons, rares, questing, transmog- runs… almost everything.
Other interests: Fantasy movies, cats, food, music.
Battletag: Sleepwalker#21407

(Engeram) #22

Here is a copy paste of my entry from the old forum :slight_smile:

So it’s my turn I guess :slight_smile:

Age: 36

Personality: Friendly, a bit shy at first

Gameplay style: I like to level characters, and I do a bit of achievement hunting. I do not raid, and I have not done M+ since the beginning of legion…

Side: Mostly alliance but I started playing on horde side, so I do have some horde characters aswell.

Feel free to add me if you want someone to level with or do achievement hunting with :slight_smile:
By the way. I’m danish, so english is not my first language :slight_smile:

BattleTag: mnyhjem#2114

(Tex) #23

Heyya all!

We are AzerPUG, or Azerothian Puggers.
We came to exist a few days prior to Uldirs release. Me and a few friends were done with guild drama (Every guild seems to have it nowadays…) but we still wanted to properly raid. We set up a raiding group and were hoping to find a total of (including ourselves) 14-16 people. Within a few weeks however, we had multiple raid teams and were clearing multiple HC bosses. (And shortly after even a Mythic group!)

By now, we are no longer just a WoW community, we are a gaming community. We have members playing WoW, SC, HotS, HS, OW and Dest2 on a regular basis and are around 200 members. Some of course more active than others.

We are an LGBT+ and Woman friendly community as some of our leaders and/or core members belong to either or both of these groups. We value respect, but we DO like to joke around a lot, so please don’t be easily offended :stuck_out_tongue:

We are so much more than I can put in here, but we are always open for more social, respectful and funny members. No matter how active or inactive.

We got monthly giveaways (currently one active for a wow token), a YouTube channel, a Twitch stream, of course a Discord server, multiple raidleaders making weekly raid events (Normal, Heroic AND Mythic, every week!) and even an Overwatch team!
We are working on starting up some PvP events, so we got that covered soon as well.

Feel free to join our discord (read the welcome message!)
Discord invite code; 8dabS24

Or if you got any questions feel free to add me;
Tex#2935 (Bnet)

We’re looking forward on making a few new friends, hopefully you are interested in around 200 potential new friends as well :smiley:

On behalf of AzerPUG Gaming Community; Tex


About me:

Age: 21

Personality: Easy Going and many more

Side: Both. Mainly play horde

Chars: Quite a few

Playing time: Most evenings from 7ish

Up for: Anything but not PVP

Other interests: computers and all things geeky

Battletag: MrBillyTovey#2954


Battletag: Tifa#21328

About me:

Age: 27

Side: Both. Planning on having one of each class maxed on both horde and ally :smiley: If I do have to choose a main it would be this or my ally druid.

What I do ingame: Mog runs, levelling in dungeons or bgs, random bgs on my mains, collecting and levelling pets (a bunch of casual stuff I haven’t raided since cata and mythic+ doesn’t interest me)

Looking for people that want to level in dungeons or do bgs and chat with!


About me:

Age: 31

Personality: Very nice and mature person

Side: Horde only


I have a mage and lock at 120, all other classes at 110

Spec: Fire and Demo

Playing time: Most of the evenings

Up for: Achievments, mount runs, crazy and fun things.

Other interests: I have 2 kids, a wife and a dog with who i love to spent time with.

Battletag: ChillaxBE#2792

So what am i looking for?

  • Active social people, people who grp up on discord and can have a laugh
  • Friends who do things toghether like achievements, content, mount hunting etc.
  • Mature people, with no offence towards the young ones in here, i’m pretty sure there are also youngsters out there for you :wink:

I’m looking for fun and a friendly social environment. I’m a very relax easy going guy.


Hello! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

About me

Age: 25
Personality: Friendly, a little shy at first

Faction: I have max level toons on both factions, but i’ll mainly be playing alliance :slight_smile:
Playing time: I usually play evening time, after 7pm!

Up for: Pretty much everything, pvp, pve, transmog/achievements, mount hunting ect!

Other interests: Gaming, cooking, reading and my adorable cat.

Looking for: I’ve been playing on my own for a while now, and i’m looking to find a few friends and a nice guild to experience the game with. Feel free to drop me a message!

Battletag: SoftKitty#21535



About Me:

Personality: Laidback scottish dude

Age: 29

Side; Alliance only

Chars: Main Rogue. Demon Hunter for a bit of a fun, also have a Paladin i’d like to level up at some point, and a druid

Spec: Assassination currently, but i like switching from time to time

Playing time; On basically everyday, but times differ due to work. Sometimes from 2pm onwards, early mornings, late evenings & all day on my days off

Up for: Basically everything, although im not much of a collector of tmog or mounts or anything like that.

Other interests: Football.

Battletag: JamieOliver#21771

What i’m looking for: People to do stuff with & hang out with.


What a nice thread!

Battletag: Hibbleton#21894

Realm: Draenor

Faction: Horde!

Playtimes: Sporadic, Whenever I can!

Looking for: Friendly people to play with, maybe chat with on Discord! I’m hoping to get into some PvP arenas and BG’s with my warrior so if anyone fancies having a go that could be cool! I’m here to have fun, not do well, but those aren’t mutually exclusive!

About me: I’m 25 from London, a musical theatre performer. I’m pretty friendly and love having a laugh with people!

Add me up if you wanna level, do dungeons, raids, BGs or other WoW stuff!