Post "ret nerfs"

what a joke these “nerfs” are… nothing changed ret is still doing SSS tier dmg/healing.


rets need more nerfs for the game to be enjoyable. Still double ret every solo shuffle lobby, the 3s ladder is completely infested with rets aswell


s tier so what? just imagine we are warriors, you were ok with warriors?

S tier? who are you kidding? ret is SSS aka TRIPLE S TIER.


oh ok you are living in yesterday :melting_face:


I’m living in today you delusional fiend.


Nobody was ok with warriors.

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And arms is still s tier i would say its just that they get outperformef by ret by a mile and frostmage.
I feel like mage and ret are ahead but thats just me and maybe destro but idk

Rusky why u even care from what ive seen ur not even playing rated pvp?!

God forbid ret be S-tier for once when it’s the only dps spec pally has. Meanwhile mage and rogue can have 2 S-tier dps specs like often and no one complains because it’s “normal” for those classes. These people won’t be happy until the pink name is a free kill like they got used to for years. Remember that, these people don’t want balance. They want ret nerfed into the ground where they feel it belongs.

Just start reporting these ret spam threads because there’s no reason to have 20 threads on the EXACT same topic on the front page. Keep it to one megathread if you want to complain because ret isn’t a free kill anymore.


more will come.

remember what happenend to dhs? they did multiple nerf waves and every single time the fotm rerollers kept defending dhs.

same thing happens to palas now.

i dont mind their dmg.
i do think they are a little bit too tanky though.

but what really needs to change ASAP is this spam dispelling pvp talent. Thats so toxic i swear. Need to remove that please.

You wouldn’t know what s tier is if it smashed you in the face you’re hardstuck challenger don’t comment here ret is TRIPLE S tier post nerf. :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:

How many more forum posts are you going to create with your non-main to fish for likes?

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The numerous amount of complaint threads for warrior. I’m gonna assume most people were no okay with them :heart:

Why the hell would i care about likes you delusional fool, everyone report this “yojeong” for trolling.

I mean, you keep saying exact same thing with almost exact same words. Its almost like you have a script you need to follow. And when one forum post is not enough, you create a new one with almost exact same lines with exact same arguements. I do wonder whos the troll at this point LOL

Why are you still commenting? take your rival hardstuck face out of here you were hardstuck challenger until ret was god tier. :clown_face:

You are quite funny in the way that you can never rly counter-argue unless you say random things. For the last 2days youve created 4-5+ forum posts with the exact same message, instead of keeping it to one. And when people argue with you, the instant defense is either “clown” “delusional” “S+++” or “report for trolling”. Its almost like you have issues arguing but you are perfectly fine trying with insults, but sadly, I dont get offended by trolls on the internet, but you seem to get insulted by everything that doesnt go your way x)

it is funny because ele, arms, moonkin, demo and few other are broken specs but with ret like that it feels like a bless to face them

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you’re a straight up dumb guy you think i even read your comments? begone 1800 hardstuck when rets are god tier