Postmortem (H) recruiting for Mythic raiding (8/8M)

Postmortem is looking for more players for our 2-raids a week mythic roster.

As one of the oldest guilds on Shattered Hand, we’ve been around for over 10 years. The guild motto remains - to be an online home where members make lasting friendships and raid and enjoy other aspects of the game in a friendly, adult environment, spiced up by some good ole banter in the guild chat and on Discord. We have ranks for both pure socials, and progress minded raiders.

We’re in need of some more awesome individuals who want to share a laugh and a good raiding night twice a week with us. We’ve stayed true to our 2x a week raid schedule, raiding on Tuesday and Thursday from 20:15 - 23:30. Our twice a week schedule means we want to make the best out of the two nights, so we expect our raiders to play at a high enough level to achieve good progress in less raids.

Who we are looking for:

You are a lighthearted person who enjoys playing WoW.

You are at or above the age of 20.

You are sociable in-game and like to join in with the guild community and participate in the various PvE and PvP events.

As a raider you are all of the above, and:

You are willing to use voice communication and have access to a microphone.

You are willing to spend time and gold on perfecting your character and play. You come prepared, have read up on strategies and don’t require hand holding. You’re also able to accept criticism and are able to self reflect.

You display a willingness to be an asset to the raid team in your personality and performance.

Currently Recruiting:

Ranged dps, especially mages and warlocks.

Raid Goals for BfA

We are particularly interested in raiders who value progress, but like to spice it up with some banter and good sense of humor.

We currently use RC Loot Council to distribute loot that is able to be traded in the raids, the officers vote on who would benefit from the item the most, prioritizing gearing dps. The only restriction to this is for trial members who needs to reach one of our raiding ranks before being able to roll on equal terms with other raiders.

A Brief History:

Postmortem was formed around 11 years ago, and can be considered one of the few ‘old’ guilds still standing on Shattered Hand. Starting up in the early days of TBC by two horses (Stronghorse and Horsefingers) - the Guild had some simple but awesome goals - to be an online home where friends could raid in a friendly adult environment. To this day, a number of the original members still play.

The Guild Today:

As it stands, we have a team from all over Europe: UK, Sweden, Denmark, Slovenia, Croatia, Portugal, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Scotland, Netherlands and even Palestine. We are basically the UN of WoW. We have a great community, with fun chat both in-game and on Discord/voice comms. There are currently 3 Officers which includes the almighty Guild Master - Raptor Jesus.

Many of us have been playing together for many years, and as such we have a tight bond that newer members often enjoy. Being a member of the guild is like having an extra (even weirder) family.

That’s pretty much it! If you’re interested in joining a group of experienced long term players then feel free to apply @ www

Alternatively /w one of the Officers if you need more info:

-Lilly (Lillylolly#2604)
-Usva (Nubsva#2307)

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Current progress in Uldir 7/8(M)

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