Potentially looking for a new home

Hello all,

Currently in a guild that you can see at the moment but possibly looking at re-homing. I like my guild but because of their event times I can never get involved in anything. Im a mum and until my little one is in bed then I cant join events which is usually about 8pm GMT (UK time)

I played 10 years ago then i started playing again this year - am I an amazing player? no but I am improving all the time. My main interest is mythic plus, I really enjoy running dungeons and would like to get into raiding also along with any other guild events going on but I would rather not be shouted at constantly as that just makes me anxious and make mistakes so shouters please turn away xD

I really enjoy the game, I love the social aspect in my current guild and want to continue to improve and get better - I guess thats my ultimate goal… to be a great player whilst having fun running mythics.

My ilvl right now is 200 and I main a Havoc DH - also have a Frost DK which I play often aswell but interested in other chars in the future.
Also I am in Turalyon at the moment, open to changing however if the right guild comes along!

Hi Elfilda.

Check out my post on here.

Lux Aeterna looking for players - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Hook us up for a chat if this seems interesting to you :slight_smile:

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Hi there, we might be just the place for you. Please have a look!

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Hi Elfilda,
Rekindled may be able to offer you what you are seeking. We are a close community that has people (including me) in a similar position to you with kids etc.

Our recruitment post is here:

And from what you have said in your post I genuinely think you will fit very nicely into our little community. We are patient and learn together - member regularly run M+ and we raid twice a week starting on Thursdays and Sundays.

Would love a chat to see if we can help each other! Please drop by the discord in the recruitment post if you are interested!


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[ Origin of Insanity] a friendly guild looking to expand our numbers any players new/old/ lvlers or people who just wanna chat, we are a social guild raid saturdays 10/10 normal CN looking to progress to HC we also M+ daily we have a very active discord come join the fun

battal tag mealiesmum#2416

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Hi mate!

Feel free to messege me and we can have a chat about you joining in with us!

Were a friendly bunch lots of us are parents and casual players and we’re very careful about making sure we don’t get those toxic/shouty types joining us

Add my discord :grin:

Hello Elfilda!

Our guild might be a very good fit for you.
We run lots of events every week and have many players who like to do m+ outside our regular Mythic Monday Mayhem-event. As for the part about shouting, you need not worry as you and me are excactly the same in that regard xD

Have a look!

Or feel free to contact me directly for a chat

Hello! We are a fairly chill and mature Heroic raiding guild. Many of us have those beautiful nightmares that are our children, including myself! We know the struggle! Feel free to get in touch on Discord Blitz#1344 and we can have a chat. Best of luck!

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I recently posted for guild recruitment.

Our raids are normally 8pm - 10pm. We focus on being a casual heroic guild but try to do other events too. Main focus being real life comes first. feel free to add me on discord if you are interested Kura#7060

If not, i hope you find a guild that suits you :slight_smile:

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Hi Elfilda,

With 1 8yr old and another on the way i know exactly how you feel.

We would love to talk to you more, please have a read of our recruitment post and if it interests you please do message me.

Look forward to hearing from you, cheers.

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