[H] Draenor - <That Gave Me Felwood> - Established 10/10HC (CURVED) + 3/10 Mythic (2x Melee DPS + 1x Healer Only)

Recruitment last updated: 01/04/21 - Any exceptional player is always encouraged to apply

First of all thank you for clicking and showing an interest in the guild…
*Before reading on: We cleared 10/10 Normal on our first night of raiding, and 10/10 Heroic in less then a month! - This shows the dedication, desire and hunger to progress, we hope the below gives you a taste of what we offer.

Aims & Story of the Guild
We come from a guild that ran 2 teams, however the guild was going in a different direction and wanted to focus on one raid team, which was already full of established members. As a result, we made our own guild on different days to the rest of the server to try and push recruitment in a different direction. We want become an iconic and competitive raiding guild within the server and push heroic and mythic raiding to its maximum potential.

We also have a active PvP team and run RBG and arena’s weekly.
As well as M+ Guild Dungeon Runs with alot of members on 15+.

Further to this, we would like to create a good community and a place you enjoy logging into to play.

Raid Times and Days:
Sunday 20:15-23:30 Server Time
Monday 20:15-23:30 Server Time

What do we want from you?
We are looking for committed & dedicated players, that want to be part of the vision and a journey - We believe, players that are involved in the make up of the guild, and have innovation to take us forward, will help build it to be bigger and better.

We also believe preparation is key – “Failing to Prepare, is Preparing to Fail”.

Gear is only a means to an end. We want all rounded and like minded players, players that tunnel the boss will not last here long.

Finally on tunnelling the boss, we believe that staying alive, avoiding pools of bulls*** on the floor is much more important that your parse% for logs. If everyone stays alive, we have a larger chance of killing the bosses.

What do we offer?

  • Organised
  • Experienced & Helpful
  • Hunger and Desire to progress
  • Family, Banter and Community feel
  • Active guild, with PvE, PvP & other games combos

Roles we’re looking for?
Ps - We are not looking for all of the below, but only 2 DPS & 1 Healer and would accept one of the following…

  • Veng DH
  • Fury/Arms Warrior
  • Des/Aff Warlock
  • Holy Priest
  • Holy Paladin
  • MW Monk

However if you feel you can offer us better then what we have already regardless if your class is listed above or not, please do get in contact.

Contact Information
psykick06#2401 or Psykickosix in game.

I'd like to find a place to stay, any raiding guilds?
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Returning player


Updated players we currently need.

Progress updated, now 10/10 Normal - 3/10 HC

Now 6/10 HC, message for more details.

Now 9/10 HC - Still recruiting. Message for more details.

We are mainly after a healer at the moment, but will consider anything that improves our roster as we aim to push mythic.

Curved as of tonight after 1 Month of raiding together.

As of last night, we are now raiding mythic and currently 1/10

Very fun group of players to raid with! Many helpful members and officers :slight_smile:

Little bump, 2/10 Mythic and still recruiting for CE.

Psykickosix /w me ingame, asking if I had a moment to chat and I assume it was about joining the guild. Pls pass my discord onto him. suarn1c#2648

Bump, still looking for a couple more to finalise the mythic raid team.

Now 3/10 Mythic… Pushing

Updated - Looking for 1 more healer to complete our Mythic team.