Potion Absorption Inhibitor

why is this not working for me?

says 50% increase duration but for me it is 30 minutes , using it for 2 weeks now

The potion absorption inhibitor increases the duration of POTIONS, not Phials / flask.
There are potions such as Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power which have a duration of 30 seconds. Adding a 50% increase to its duration and you get 45 seconds of potion duration.
To increase the duration of Phials, you can get Alchemy profession and put specialization points into Phial Mastery and Frost / Air-Formulated phials to increase the duration significantly (30 min default duration + 30 min from Phial Mastery 1st node + 30 min from Frost/Air-Formulated phial 1st node) = 1hr 30 minutes of phial duration.

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thank you…that i didnt know that it wasnt working for flask

Literally in the name… :joy:

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