Pre-Purchase Dragonflight Now!

Pre-purchase Dragorflight now!

I respond with a voice of Mr. Garvey the substitute teacher from Key and Peele comedy: Are you outta your god damn mind?!

No, but SL should become free when DF is released

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Thank you, makes sense!

Too soon or not, I’m just too excited to see Shadowlands get put rest for good.


Not going to wait till Dragonflies. Cancelled subscription today with this commentary:
//Genius artistic team creates unforgettable world.
Game designers pick one location of it and make you stay there for SIX MONTHS
CLEANING MOB PACKS to keep character updated FOR ONE PATCH
If there is one tiny thing a person dislikes about the zone or the rotation, over 6months THEY DEVELOP NAUSEA. First, for the zone. Second, the expansion. Third, the game. Then, YOUR COMPANY.
It’s basic human psychology//

in the meanwhile at blizzard hq

just jokin ofc :wink:

Do I get beta access?

Try your luck here:

I’m tempted because of the mount and the other stuff but I want to wait until beta comes out…

Well, i think I’m unique, in that i will decide for myself in due course whether to pre purchase, and just ignore all the ‘experts’ who seem to think they know what I like.

Blizz EU Gear Store already has it for 129€. +20€ shipping.

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Quoting me stating things other have already said. Well Done.

CD Projekt Red has joined the chat

I purchased already the Collector´s Edition (phyiscal version at the Gear Store) but wondering when I get the ingame goodies and why the app keeps telling me I can upgrade now? Should I buy the digital version as well and then get my money back later? This is confusing to me…

ingame stuff might register when the expansion goes live. If you bought the physicall version maybe? But i really don’t know for sure.

Might be some code or something somewhere you need to put in somewhere.

You get a code inside the box that you apply to your account


Pre-Purchase Dragonflight Now!

Blizzard is multi-billion dollar company asking for handouts in the form of a loan.

Yes, this is a loan. You pay for something that you do not get right away. As a matter of fact the interest on the sums people are giving them will make your eyes water.

I pre-purchase NOTHING. Why? Got burned once…not dumb enough to do it again.

Preoder dragonflight Bobby needs his 100+ mill bonus again :rofl:

Don’t forget they also have to give a bonus to the guy going to the 800 workers again to fire them despite record numbers cause they just can’t afford them anymore.

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