Prep Your Dragons and Mount Up for the Eastern Kingdoms Cup

Prep Your Dragons and Mount Up for the Eastern Kingdoms Cup

Rediscover the skies of the Eastern Kingdoms with a new Dragonriding racing event!

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Fully completed 6 of them so far, all pretty fair challenges. Hardest one so far I had to retry 6 times, booty bay race.

Elwynn one was a bit meh because of the trees, but so far solid event!

Not going to bother this time around. No new rewards that interest me.

Why exactly this 4 existing customizations are chosen to be purchasable? Why not others? Why not all? I’m missing some customization from Forbidden Reach races, Cavern Races… And especially Fyrrak Assault Secured Shipment - seems to be VERY VERY low chance, doing it every week and still didn’t see one of 4 possible manuscripts. Would be nice to purchase it with races currency.


There are no new rewards, or the ones on offer don’t interest you?

I’ve not logged in yet to look :smile:

There’s some new ones; a few new options for the slitherdrake.
But nothing that piqued my interest.

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Ah yes I can see four new manuscripts. Will endure the vomit tour with lots of breaks :smile:

Gave it ago… but then I realised I hate the Dragon races, and Dragon customisations.

Low Quality transmog isn’t worth the pain.

Ill do it for the achievments and the fear that it’ll be included in the expansion achievment.

yes, please… some of them drop from rares that I have literally never seen!


Seemingly an unpopular opinion here but I love these races and find them very easy to complete :sweat_smile:. I hope they add challenge mode and more of these cups for other places like Outlands, Northrend, Pandaria etc in the future. The rewards are kind of meh though.


True, I consider dragonriding mechanic in general and races the best content of this expansion so far.


Yesss! ^^ I agree. I really hope they add dragonriding to the rest of the world soon aswell. :dragon_face:

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I also think that dragonriding is one of, if not the best feature of the expansion. Genuinely fun stuff, both the races and getting around the world.

I’m slightly annoyed by not being able to buy all rewards yet again, but it’s just manuscripts which I don’t really care about anyway.

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The next level should be a continent grand prix race between 8 players and race from winterspring to tanaris :sunglasses:

Interesting that the 2 new colours are just variations of the Aspects (teal/blue, yellow/bronze).
I wonder if the next set of races will have similar colours??

Completed gold in all three versions on 7 of them now, and so far I found the races to be challenging but they still felt easier than Kalimdor (some of those were just plain frustrating) - which I think is a good thing.

Elwynn and Booty Bay were a little annoying because of the density of trees, but zooming in to first person view made it a little easier to navigate through the wilderness.

This is why I’m gonna go for the zaralek meta soon

I felt these races were probably the easiest set of races in the game so far, but I do enjoy the obstacle-course type races more than most people. I really liked the design of many of these circuits, but for me they could have been tighter with the time limit for Advanced and Reverse Gold.

i did all of them. got gold in some, mostly silver.
some of the races which are close to the ground are annoying. small stuff you get caught on.
and some timers are very forgiving and some of them are really really tight.

overall i think there are too many races. i like the work they put into it but it gets really tiring really fast. i got the Isle Racer title early and after that i cant motivate to get gold in all of it.