Prepatch gold farming

Anyone got any decent solo gold farms that Can be done during prepatch? Excluding the typical boosting People in dungeons for gold

There are ZF gy and Uldaman runs if you are a pally or mage. Should give decent 50 gold per hour just by vendoring items not counting rare/epic drops.

Could try that, but its prolly quite slow since i only have a sp at 60

What would you consider decent gold/hour?

Tyrs hand or heaet Glenn perhaps.

Idk what’s considered decent since i didnt play classic, but anything steady i Can farm towards my 100% Mount before tbc would help

At this point I would think your best bet is to look for someting that may sell fairly well at the AH, although you are most likely a bit late for that as well. Runecloth may be decent still. Farming twilight camps in silithus may also be decent if there are people buying twilight texts, abyssal crests etc, but at this point it’s hard to say what actually sells on your server/faction.

If you just want raw gold with as little AH interaction as possible Tyr’s hand or Heartglen may be your most “decent” options, but it will most likely be slow.

Do abit of research on good items for boosted classes, that will get them going in TBC. Just came back after a year break and making about 100g an hour with a super chill farm on a mega popular server.

Anything that levels proffesions that are in demand. Everything else pretty much lost it’s worth. Or simple gold grinds from vendor greys etc. Mage aoe farms.

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