Prepatch honor Nerf

Vanilla tbc prepatch was 6 weeks and now is 2 weeks. We need at least 3x honor gain…
Please fix this! You destroy all my hype to play prepatch.
Not only that but some people allready have 70k honor first day while I struggle now to get 5k. ( I didn’t have time to play yesterday)


100% agree.
Please revert the changes.


I first thought this was a bug, but I see it’s not:

2 weeks to farm all that gear with waiting 30 min for a BG 50% win ration - that’s not enough time, not even for a single 1h.

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Fix it and fix it fast or give 35 days of prepatch, no belfs and no boosts to 58 lvl


Would be amazing if blizzard could give a little respond to this, its been several topics about this. I was so happy yesterday and enjoyed every single BG i played, win or loose didnt matter just wanted to play more. Now i dont wanna play until June 1st. Common blizzard make azeroth great again


No hype for pvp in prepatch. Its useless to even try to grab some gear on a newly boosted character from pvp.

if you are going for 1h sword which cost 19k honor and 20 AB marks. in 7 wins you get 21 marks and approx 1700 Honor. Just 69 more wins to go, for ONE 1hand


Revert this pls, waste of time doing bgs now.


Revert this! its pointless to pvp. Give us the chance to get some lvl 60 pvp gear as a catch up before tbc


They want changes where they want to.

  • Paid boost
  • Less pre-patch time

But they nerf honor rate when ALL comunity/players are saying, please, rollback the … nerf.

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It should stay as it is. Rank 14 is intended to be a prestige, a rare achievement. It’s not made to be easily farmable by every clown and his aunt.

Back in the day only the most hardcore PvP players could achieve this in 14 days, and those who cant do the same: Well they dont deserve it.
It’s supposed to be for the best of the best only, in my opinion

You cannot get rank 14 anymore, just the gear which is not restricted to that achievement anymore.
Patch note history only notes a 30% nerf after one week of pre-patch compared to vanilla honor values.

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man, you know is only for few weeks right? also we dont get the rank 14 tittle… also man. as i said. back in 2006 prepatch was 6 weeks! now is 13 days! sooo… think about it.

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