Please reduce the amount of marks required for R14 gear

Retail is where the challenge is, Classic should be kept easy.

It is easy.

But easy doesn’t mean “everyone should get everything within 2 weeks tops”.

When it’s irrelevant and pointless after those 2 weeks, then people tend to want it within those 2 weeks.

Perfectly understandable

Oh look someone who plays a DK asking for things to be made easier. Who’d of thought it, hey? lol No!

We’ve found the bug with this, and we’re deploying a hotfix soon that will have the effect of reducing Bonus Honor by a factor of 10, back to the amount it’s supposed to be.

We also double-checked other rewards, and we found that the number of Marks being rewarded have been correct.

Thanks for the reports!


this is ridiculous how can it be this little honor ? wont even bother with prepatch if its like this


By reducing the honor gained by a factor of 10 the hard part is now overwhelmingly the honor. It’s actually to the extent that it’s absolutely not remotely worth farming PVP gear anymore.

I just did an AV and got 84 honor. Will be shelving the PvP now and just focussing on the rest of the game, hoping they grant me the rank I earned for spending an entire week inside AV last week.


Its ridiculous, you can’t add the same rate as before because the duration of the prepatch isn’t the same, for a 12 days pre-patch blizzard do you think sometimes before making any changes ?


Haha they just made it 10 times harder

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From 0-140k honor you will need to win about 650-700 AB’s or AV’s to buy the full pvp gear. This is completely stupid


I would probably change it back before everyone quits your moneygrabbing attempts at giving out catchup mechanics only if we pay blizzard for them are the premade groups who have everything ready for tbc getting honor reverted?

Its legit impossible to have any fun in any of your games because of the stupid decisions you make.


Realy? It’s joke? Are you saying that we should receive 200 honor per one bg? You gave us 2 weeks before the start of the tbc… Ok. You postpone opening the pre patch several times… hmm… Ok! Now you’re nerf honor! HMMMMMM NICE MOVE!!! thanks! gj!


And why exactly should they make it easy to get full R14?


Dear Dev Team please read the aftermath reaction to your great hotfix of utterly most important bug in pre-patch.


We had 5 weeks in vanilla. why even bother releasing this if everything you do is to make people angry.
The terrible launch delays, the reduced pre patch and now a nerf.


Most people aren’t angry.

Prepatch is great so far. :sunglasses:

Original TBC launched on the 16th of January 2007. Prepatch went out like December 5th 2006. That’s 42 days. For this iteration of the prepatch we got 13 days.
For people to get a fair go at getting the pvp gear before tbc launches you should consider multiplying current honor by (42/13=3.23). Just an idea.
Also why is everyone a scout and gives only 1-3 honor?


Because the gear will be pointless in 2 weeks and its not even the best gear in the game if you want to be elitist over gear that people does not shower for weeks to obtain then go play classic there is no changes there this is TBC not vanilla.


Does it matter exactly?
It’s literally making BGs even more popular than normal.
You’ll be replacing the items shortly once BC comes out anyway lmao.