Press F Mythic Dungeon Tools?

The more he is defending his opinion the more i think he is manbaby behind making addon and making it to everybody pay for it.


Exactly this lol

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Did you know it is illegal to sell covers of songs? Cover bands are not allowed to sell CDs unless they obtain license to sell every single individual song on the CD. They are allowed to perform, because you’re paying for their performance, not necessarily for the song.

Is he using Blizzard’s trademark to sell his stuff? The answer is obviously yes, because he’s selling WoW stuff.

Fun fact - did you know it is illegal for artists to sell prints of like Spider-Man an Batman, unless they obtain a license from the rights holders to do so? The main reason license holders don’t enforce the law is because they know not enforcing it is in their benefit. However… how would selling mod parts be a benefit to Blizz? If they could, they would get in on the business, as they did with gold trading.


Meh… Life just haven’t crushed them hard enough yet. That’s why they still care.

At this point it’s just wasted time to argue about this. I think Blizzard saw more comments about this in one day than they saw comments about why corruption was bad since 8.3 release.

If they think it’s against their rules, he is either going to get banned, or they will make him completely remove the addon or make it completely free again. If they won’t do anything about it, someone else will make a free version of this addon again.

Other than that, Nnoggie is a huge manchild, comparing free nudes to free addons is ridiculous, him editing discord messages to make a Limit raider look racist is disgusting, and he does not deserve this kind of attention, even if it’s negative. The only thing he deserves at this point is a ban for multiple things.


Doesn’t sound like this is allowed.

But you do you I’ve never used the addon if you feel like this is wrong then I guess you can report, let Blizzard sort out if this is allowed or not.


The addon creator went the wrong route in my opinion, sure it’s his addon and he is in his rights to change anything on it but it’s a bit ridiculous and also out of nowhere. So basically he messed over other people’s M+ experiences with them only finding out after updating.

I find €5,- a month to receive updates a bit much, it would’ve been a more logical decision if he made it a one-time payment per expansion or major update like this:

  • €5,- per expansion
  • €5,- per major update (9.0 / 9.1 / 9.2 / 9.3 / etc)

I would see more people supporting that decision than going full-out “Subscribe to me or your addon remains empty”

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“charge for services related to the add-on”
rly nice you found that post actually,so what is going on is actually against tos


I mean makes sense anything that has to do with money is Blizzard’s problem. If people feel like they have to quit because this €5 feels mandatory or if they won’t buy a store mount/transfer/whatever because they had to pay to a 3rd party then it affects Blizzard.

also I guess add-on development policy is not ToS per se, but I’m just nitpicking you can ignore this.

I mean if you enjoy the guy’s work and u can afford spending money supporting him ,you will do that anyway,so asking people to “pay you for using the add-on” ,and with that kind of attitude,hell no xD

I totaly agree with “The addon creator went the wrong route” Cheers!

Everybody can decide on their own to do so or not but paying 45%~ subscription fee per month for a single addon seems a bit much to me based on the cheapest €10.99 monthly option.

Chances are that the option I mentioned would yield him more money in the long run than what he did now. It’s likely a lot of people will search for alternative addons instead or fill up the data themselves someway or the other.

People in general hate to deal with subscriptions, that is the prime reason why many people don’t buy/try World of Warcraft in the first place because they don’t like the idea of subscription fees.

This might be anecdotal but every person I spoke that doesn’t play World of Warcraft mentioned the subscription fee negatively. People just generally prefer to pay one time or once every few months on their own accord rather than being stuck with some subscription.

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For those interested here is the new free alternative

Technically, maybe, but Blizzard can amend the ToS at any time, or decide to interpret it arbitrarily at any time, so the real question is whether they consider this kind of “loophole” against the spirit of their rules and a bad thing for the game or not, assuming they care at all.

If they decide it’s against the spirit of their rules and a bad thing for the game, it’s irrelevant that the practice is technically allowed, since Blizzard can just change the ToS like they did with multiboxing.

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He literally did it out of spite because he’s mad he lost the world first race, stop giving him excuses

damn dude are you okay ?

i mean you’re the one going crazy about it not me, i think you have bigger issues than this thread.

It’s ok it seems like I upset you because I killed you in front of castle few days ago, it’s alright.

Hope you feel better soon buddy you’ll get through this.


Nnoggie is that you ? Because you’re as salty and mad as he is.

Time to take some time off the game buddy


People are even getting dmca claims for showing art work from famous paintings in their videos now.

Not to get involved, but I’m going to be real blunt here and say that you have some issues if you get this upset over being killed (presumeably in WM) while AFK and having an emote for it. I mean, I’d laugh if I got killed while AFK and someone did /kiss on me but hot damn my man, take a breather and consider the following: it’s a videogame.

As for the topic at hand? What Nnoggie is doing in his malding manbaby rage is against the ToS regarding addons, as Chronormi linked above charging for addons is against the TOS and frankly, it’s fun seeing the guy mald.
That said if the comments he got from the M+ crew weren’t nice I can’t really blame him for pulling it.