Pretty average gamers community for m+

Hey folks, maybe not to everyone’s taste but after running some returning friends through some dungeons, we came up with the idea of setting up a community for players to run mythic plus dungeons of all levels from beginners to those aiming for titles.

Usually I watch a lot of streamers running dungeons, mostly they are all high keys and pumpers and that’s fine, that’s their thing and hats off to them, but what I have yet to come across is someone who runs low keys and teaches others the basic things about dungeons. hence the idea behind this community was to have a place where you can have dedicated people run dungeons. Sick of toxic players? tired of those people never doing affixes or interrupting? Maybe you are one of those people and simply do not have the confidence or knowledge about mechanics, trash, priority interrupts etc. Well, Pretty average gamers is a safe place to learn all this.

Currently there are only a few of us, myself and one of my IRL mates mostly, willing to teach others at whatever pace and key level. Not an expert by any means but plenty of alts between us in all roles and a decent knowledge level.

We use discord and all are welcome to join if they like, no expectation to talk, where we teach you about trash packs and boss mechanics in lower keys to give you the confidence to perhaps run higher keys than normal. The main aim though (for me at least), is to teach others dungeons, priority mobs and casts, bosses etc without people worrying about not knowing dungeons that well.

I’ve already done this with a few mates I’ve known for years who are fresh back to the game and were not too confident, we started with low keys, teaching this stuff to the point where they know what to interupt, boss mechanics etc and have started doing higher keys than they would have originally, and timing them too.

If you would like to join on mains or alts, you are all welcome: feel free to join: you can search for pretty average gamers in the community tab.

If you are experienced and would like to pass on your own knowledge and teach others, you are also welcome to join for that role, or, simply, learn a new role / class / spec yourself with someone who is experienced with said class / spec.

Hope this can become a new fun place to play for a lot of you.

NEW COMMUNITY LINK: this one will not expire.

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As one of the returning friends mentioned i feel i must reply here.Jinxxed was very patient with us and his knowledge of the different instances and encounters really made it a pleasure to play.I cannot recommend his community enough very very friendly and well worth a look.

Are you guys still running?