Pretty much all alliance guilds are transferring away from deadling

After next week pretty much all Alliance guilds will be gone. Just an FYI.

Alliance side will be truly dead on Gandling.

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Pepehands >:(

Made a post on other thread about this. Don’t understand this move from Blizzard. You sell PvP to us but allow servers to go imbalanced like this. So instead of keeping your game entertaining and alive, you allow it to die out, which encourages people to quit. Outland is small, this should be the chance to fire up world PvP but due to lack of direction it has but all died out.

If you actively monitor and allow people to move over / swap sides, maybe even free or give them a bonus if they do, you can fix the population issues. I know it’s not as simple as this, but people would swap sides if faction change was available (because of the pvp queue’s). I even think you can charge people for it, would be more effective if they didn’t but you know that’s not going to happen :slight_smile:


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