Prevent getting pulled

Is there a way to block a Dractyrs resque or priest Leap on you in Arenas?


Tried that. Didn’t work but ty for the tip.

if they don’t listen and keep pulling you, just stack with them for the rest of the game, get aoe stunned, cleaved, follow them like a companion pet. That will make them reconsider pulling you towards them.

So you got gripped/“rescued” out of your disengage?

The overwhelming majority of priests/dractyr I played with tho always managed to use the ability in a way to save me, not put me back into danger.

Resqued me right into the charge range of an arms while i had no def left. Had a priest leap me while i was kiting a pala away from his healer.

This is nothing.
I had a priest “rescue me” on my fury warrior while I popped enraged regen, was healing into this warlock who was at 40% HP. I was at 40% as well but was super fine with healing myself, was winning right there. He gripped me, couldnt heal, got hit by 2 chaos bolts, dead. Then he started parroting about how I was playing too agressive and zug zuging. Left the shuffle and felt happy about it. It was before you lost MMR for leaving.

Nope not since the BFA trinket

Theres a pvp talent for priests that when they grip you they shield you for about 120k. Maybe sometimes it looks random and it might frustrate you as you had other plans, but maybe he was actually trying to shield you up because you where getting low.

Ofcourse plenty of times theyll grip you when not needed, but just want you to know about this talent for if you didnt yet

being pulled by a priest… and being pulled 40 yards away… doesnt help anyone
that 120k shield is pointless when you are repositioned out of a “go” or out of LoS

horrible spell

Neural silencer? Maybe that doesn’t work in Arena idk.

There is item called neural silencer, engi can make them, dunno if they work in arena, never tested

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