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Priest tanking is not officially recognized, this means a high amount of effort is needed to succeed. But succeeding means you rose above the challenges and any feat carries more weight and feeling of accomplishment. When experienced players priest tank and put in the effort, it shines tenfold. If you don’t feel up to the task, don’t bother. This guide primarily focuses at succeeding as a priest tank in a dungeon environment.

As the new kid on the block, sharing priest tank information with others is a great way for priests to flourish more into this role, I suggest joining the

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This guide primarily focuses on improving a priest tank’s defensive potential, however, small remarks about improving threat can still be found. If some of the following actions in this guide can’t be done, don’t be sad. For some, only certain actions are feasible, proceed accordingly. I hope you like the guide, if you have any feedback or questions, feel free to let me know down below in the comment section.


The Alliance is slightly above Horde because of the readily available paladin class, the best priest race being Dwarf. For Horde, undead. Later on, we’ll explore the significance of faction benefits. If you plan to raid tank, Horde is MASSIVELY superior than Alliance but this is a dungeon guide.


Engineering helps with single target/AoE threat: Mithril Frag Bomb, it can redirect lost aggro: Advanced Target Dummy. While Tailoring provides the best head slot: Gneuro-Linked Arcano-Filament Monocle, we’ll explore this item later on.


The dungeon talent setup (00/0/31):


Shortly after reaching level 40, gear with the suffix “of the Eagle” is great to tide you over until better gear is gained. The absolute best gear is mainly from the Gnomeragan raid. I suggest casually assembling a MP5 set to regen mana while drinking/running to speed up a dungeon.

Starter Gear:
BiS Dungeon Set:
BiS MP5:


Threat is increased in many ways, notably Mind Blast, Shadow Word Pain and weirdly Oil of Immolation. Consumable items deal threat, ex: Minor Rejuvenation Potion based on half of the Health & Mana gained. Damaging buffs, ex: Thorns and items, ex: Mithril Frag Bomb, deal threat equal to their damage. Your healing abilities, ex: Renew deals threat based on half of the healing dealt. Buff/debuff abilities, for example, the racial ability, Touch of Weakness deals threat equal to the level the ability is learned. Lastly, knowing the layout of a dungeon, moving faster/ahead of the group or properly marking mobs to establish a kill order all leads to an increase in threat.

  • Tip: Resource replenishing potions can still be used in Dispersion for more threat.

Basic Rotation

PrePull: Always move faster and be ahead of the group. Be sure Power Word Shield, Inner Fire are active.
Pull: Cast Shadow Word Pain on intended mobs and Line of Sight them. As they approach cast Mind Sear.
Cycle: Reapply PWS and constantly cast Mind Sear. If a decent threat lead is established. cast Inner Fire.
Situational: To guarantee a VERY needed Mind Blast, cast PWS beforehand.

  • DO NOT needlessly over threat, save mana, Shoot and tab target.
  • Advanced Target Dummy/Mithril Frag Bomb can be used in survival and threat emergencies.
  • Dispersion can be used in survival emergencies.
  • Low level healing pots make the difference if a healer is lazy or slow moving.

Advanced Rotation

For those looking to speed through a dungeon and don’t mind the extra effort, the alchemy item: Oil of Immolation, will GREATLY help with threat. Also, the Power Word Barrier rune can be used, just be momentarily out of Shadow Form.

Single Target PrePull: Equip a set with large amounts of healing aka a “Renew Snapshot set”, cast Renew + PWS, go into Shadowform and pull.

Group Composition

Group composition can be out of your control but sometimes waiting an extra 4 seconds for a different class or choosing between a selection of classes with different runes will have an impact on your performance.

In order of priority/importance:

  • For Healer: Resto Shaman with the rune Earth Shield and or Spirit of the Alpha, otherwise a healing Priest w/Prayer of Mending rune. A Holy Paladin and lastly a Resto Druid.
  • Retribution Paladin for Blessing of Salvation casted on others, mention at dung start.
  • Enhancement Shaman/Elemental Shaman w/Spirit of the Alpha rune.
  • Balance/Feral Druid for Thorns and Mark of the Wild.
  • Warlock w/Imp is ideal, mention once at dung start.
  • DPS Warrior
  • Mage for Arcane Intellect.


Stops all casting and begins Mind Sear, helps utilize every second possible chance to Mind Sear.

/stopcasting /cast Mind Sear

Below is a simple macro saying what a certain class/spec COULD use to help you, said once a dungeon start, don’t fret over it too much.
Example macro:

/s Warlock Imp pet with Blood Pact/Fire Shield appreciated.


  • Details: Shows the amount of threat done by you and allies.
  • WeakAura addon and WA extension Classic AutoMarker:
  • Item Rack: Helps to swap between Single Target set, Multi Target, MP5 set, etc…

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