Primalist 385 gear vs Crafted gear + State of Profession System

Now that everybody can go get primalist 385+ gear in basically a matter of minutes or an hour there is no point to craft gear.
Since the release of 10.0.7 the only crafting orders I have fulfilled were people trying to pay as little as possible or even provide as few as possible mats for very few gold.
What is the point?
How much more worse can you make professions ?
This is even worse than communism, did the people that designed the profession systems think before making them or did you guys think of the consequences before releasing easy to get gear about other implications?
Do the people that designed the profession system have a degree in Economics or Behavioral Economics ? Because it does not make sense , it didn’t make sense since the beginning of the expansion and its even worse now.
I would fire the people that made the new profession systems.
And NO the ZG additional recipes DO NOT SOLVE ANY PROBLEM.

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I agree completely. I personally loved the profession system in this xpac, but 10.0.7 killed it off in minutes. I see no point in logging in anymore, since the whole reason for me to play was my precious professions and no one needs crafted gear anymore. Oh well, I had lots of fun while it lasted and maybe 10.1 brings something new that makes profs great again…

It was the same thing before 10.0.7. , people crafted all they wanted before that.
Besides, there are other things to craft besides gear.

In 10.1 we’ll get those new itemlevel-boosting reagents, and people will be calling for crafted/recrafted items again, just like real-life markets, the crafting market has its ups and downs.

For people who don’t raid or do mythic+, there’s only 5 of those “Boost to itemlevel 400”-items, once those are used, world quests give better gear than crafted items (And more easily), let alone Forbidden reach, demand will return once we’re all replacing reach-gear again.

Well you can craft Gear upto 418 and pick your own stats.

I’m still shifting plenty of 392 gear though.

Only if you are lucky enough to drop bottles.
Otherwise, none.
I hope they’ll increase bottle drop rate at some point, otherwise collect the crafted set will be impossible or close to.

If you’re not dropping bottles, you’re not crafting gear.

but you get 5 bottles free with a new level 70, and then average of 1 bottle every 2 weeks after that. So you’ll have more than enough to get you started in crafting. Nothing has changed there.

If it’s the set you are after, then you can always use alts and get the 5 free sparks from there. Although that might feel a waste.

But I’m sure over the course of the expansion you’ll get more than enough Sparks for what you actually will need for Gear upgrade you need.

In fact this system is better, because you’re not wasting your sparks to fill in gaps at a lower level. You can save them for when you’re at a higher gear level, on gear slots you actually need (like embellished items).

i m talking about the fact that no work orders are up now cause of the introduction of 385/392 gear no1 is crafting anything. Not the fact that you can replace them… ofc u can none cares though

I’m crafting still when I log in, tips differ yeah, from 1k-15k for the weapons and armour I craft. Generally if I stop in valdrakken I’ll craft 1-2 bits before hopping into a keystone. I don’t think you can expect mad amounts of gold for a 392 item when people, as you said, can get a 385 easily from their main or get them easily on the isle…

I know once my alt is levelled I’ll probably craft myself a weapon, lariot via public and then 2 pieces of armour I still haven’t had drop from tokens on my main. Can’t complain really!

Fully upgraded primalist gear is 3 ilvls better than the basic crafted epics, and much worse once people get their infusions, also primalist gear has predefined stats that might not be everyone’s favourite…
Weapon and jewelry crafting is still valuable regardless, and armor crafters unique pieces (ie. Frostfire Belt, Allied Plate etc) will be still in demand.

Also this:

The primalist gear also comes with a good 2-set bonus. I evaluated making 405 crafted items vs. wearing two of the 385 items and it wasn’t enough to be worth doing. The 395 versions are just better when you wear two of them. I ended up making a 405 cloak since the primalist set cloak does not count as a set item.

So you use a catalyst on 4-5 items to get tier and pick two items from boots/belt/bracers to get the 2-set. That still leaves a few slots for crafted items, but now everyone is getting heroic raid loot from timewalking…

I’m glad I have been focusing on enchanting rather than tailoring.

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