Prime Gaming Loot: Get the Armored Bloodwing Mount

Prime Gaming Loot: Get the Armored Bloodwing Mount

Add the Armored Bloodwing to your collection with Amazon Prime Gaming. Rule the skies of Azeroth with this monstrous mount.

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I payed money for it. Thats not cool blizzard really not cool. All what i payed and worked for gets everyone now for free -.-

Thanks Blizz, appreciate the new mount :slight_smile:


thx i always wanted that.

It’s not free, we have to pay Amazon.

Thanks Blizz!! :smile:

Amazing mount <3

I ship Jeff Bezos and Bobby Kotick so hard.

didnt even knew i had this mount ages ago

I payed money for it. Thats cool blizzard really cool.

PD: I am not ironic.

They could’ve used any other TCG mount. Even one of the OG mounts from vanilla that were removed for some reason. But no, instead they give us yet another removed store mount that had a “removing forever” bundle some years ago.

Wtf is wrong with you blizzard

That’s false.

“Items in the See You Later Bundle will enter hibernation on January 6, 2019, and will no longer be available in the Blizzard Shop or in-game shop (until further notice). These items may return at some point in the future.”


I stand corrected.
Still, they could’ve picked ANY other instead of a removed store mount like they also did with Swift Windsteed as a drop from the same bundle.

ah yes, third party to gain something in the game. good job blizzard! love you guys.

i already have it can i have spectral tiger instead?

I won’t lie if I say that personally would prefer for every promotion they use something I didn’t have, like this mount, but given they are using the pool of items from old-RAF, TGC, and removed shop items, it is understandable that from time to time the items picked is one that we have, and in that case, the only thing we can do is wait for the next promotion.

Just like there could be other people who don’t own this mount, but maybe they already had the reward from the previous month.

If they adapt the promotions to the items anyone has, they can’t have promotions because there will be always someone who already has the reward.

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It is way more likely that people have the store mounts over a TCG mount or old OG mount. Especially after they sold that bundle. Since you can just outright buy the mounts straight from blizzard themselves.
Also the fact that they have now used 7 out of the 10 mounts/pets/transmogs from that same bundle. Just 2 pets and 1 mount left which i’m certain will be another prime/drop.

I’m happy if they add more old-RAF, TCG or removed in game mounts/pets way more than store mounts/pets/tmogs.

Haven’t you noticed that they have been using old-RAF and TGC items for promotion since Dragonflight launched? Amazon prime gaming, twitch, and tender shop have been full of those items.

Blizzard is not given removed store mounts instead of RAF and TGC mounts. They are giving everything for those three types of removed promotion content in new promotions.

Twich rewards? 11 rewards with 1 new, 2 removed from store and 8 from TGC
Amazon Prime Gaming? 10 rewards, it started with the 3 crowns from the store but after that 8 rewards with 5 from TGC, 2 and old RAF, and this one from the store.

They are given more things from TCG and they will give more in the future (probably because there are more TCG items to give that any other thing combined).

That’s why I said more. Store mounts have never looked good in the eyes of the players. So why add them when they have other options when the option to JUST buy them were there in the beginning? Also, store mounts are not promotions lol

I decided to check on the American forums cause I can see this being controversial and found this lovely comment:

“Today’s lesson: Don’t buy anything from the store because it’ll be made free of charge within a few years.”

speaking of which! Medivh mog thing will be out soon that bliz managed to earn money from a few months ago (obviously warned that this will happen so that’s their (the buyers) loss.

I also remember that fire helm thing, some gnome was mega upset about that one.

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