Prime Gaming Loot: Get the Epic Purple Shirt Transmog

It is always good to receive free things, no matter if is with Amazon, Twitch, or the 6-month subscription.

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Ok dad, thanks for that

I don’t care shirt, bring spectral tiger next time and u get my money :smiley:

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Its a very ugly shirt…but the fact its free automatically makes it 10 times more attractive!! LOL:)

How can it be free when u need to have prime gaming?

I never had prime and i will only get it if rewards is decent enough.

well, I already had Prime so its free for me.
I dont think its a good enough reward to sign up for though…

You can sign up for a trial, get the shirt and then cancel, this way you pay nothing.

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Because you are not a prime client. And you won’t be because almost no one who is not paying for prime will change their mind just because of wow rewards. Most prime clients like me pay it for other services including, mostly free shipping, and in our decision of subscription to prime any prime gaming reward is irrelevant, so those rewards are free things. In fact, most people I know that have prime are not aware of the existence of prime gaming at all, and less of all the existence of wow rewards. Prime gaming is not decisive for people to choose to have or not to have prime.

In fact I am sure that everyone of you that want the rewards and don’t have prime you can try asking the people you know in real life. Friends, coworkers, family, etc.

Don’t forget a big majority of people pay for prime only because of the free shipping. And that subscription give those clients access to prime gaming and wow rewards even if they haven’t touch a videogame in their lives. So, maybe if you ask they gladly give you those freebies.

My account is linked from prime, I’ve not had problems in the past. I have checked and rechecked and yes, it’s still linked and shows that I have claimed the item but yet it’s not showing up in my transponder screen.

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