Prime Gaming Loot: Get the Epic Purple Shirt Transmog

Prime Gaming Loot: Get the Epic Purple Shirt Transmog

This month, Amazon Prime Gaming subcribers can obtain an epic transmogrification appearance that is sure to turns heads wherever you go.

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Damn, was hoping for some of the tabards.

So generous.

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Very nice. I might look into getting this.

You do know they don’t have to give you free stuff right?

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Is ugly but free so thanks, claimed and will probably sit unused :joy:


It’s great though cos now I’m only missing one shirt to have them all!

I would never have paid the prices they wanted for the TCG version.


Holding my free trial in hopes for the Magic Rooster mount :smiley:

lots of steps tbh… Activating and deactiviating prime…
Can’t we just say I did all the things and you send me that “free” invisible shirt?
End result would be the same anyway.
I’d have a shirt and you’d have another inactive prime account.

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bit meh
but glad others like it


boo i wanted the item itself

at least its something ty anyways

How about something for Classic for a change? We still don’t got Mr Chilly. Perky Pug or Reins of the Blue Drake.

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but how would that boost views on this dead game Frizzle :smiley:

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I am not giving Jeff Bezos any money.

I doubt checking a website is boosting any Views here.

That’s fair. Didn’t think of that.

Guess they could add another viewing bot to boost their numbers. But they better make sure it only watches 08 era drum n bass pvp vids with massive amounts of jumpcuts to simulate my viewing habits.

Oh that’s sad - I would love that.
But for personal and business reasons I don’t touch Amazon with a bargepole :cry:

And now you have a personal reason to touch Amazon. Start trial, get the transmog then cancel.

Lmao, is that it? I’d rather you send me another useless pet :joy: :rofl: :joy:

1: They don’t have to give you anything.
2: Pets are not useless