Prime Gaming Loot: Get the Tabard of Fury Transmog

Prime Gaming Loot: Get the Tabard of Fury Transmog

Add the Tabard of Fury transmog appearance to your collection with Amazon Prime Gaming.

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Love this comment if you’re going to mute the browser tab and not watch the streams :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

Edit: Thanks for not making us watch streamers :dracthyr_love_animated:


Sweet just claimed mine :sunglasses: thanks guys

Not a huge fan of tabards. Would prefer a mount or pet.

Twitch promotions are watching, Prime promotions are paying :wink:

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Yay more wellfare TCG items. Im sure the t3 wearing bmah goblins pretending to be old school are very happy!

There’s a plugin that automatically claims channel tokens and claim drops to roll on ticking towards the next drop [it pauses till you claim]. Handy :+1:

Still going to hold onto my 30 day trial for the real deal TCG stuff such as the Magic Rooster

Tabards are meh

Thank you so much :heartpulse:

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