<Primordial> - Alliance Recruiting for TBC

is an Alliance guild for those of us of slightly more advanced years, with an aim to take part in casual raiding and group pvp.

We have created a home for players age 25+ drama free, no zooming with mid week events and raids (Monday - Thursday) from around 21:00, so we have weekends free for family.

We are growing steadily and have an awesome group of people here with no toxicity or min/max attitude… We are a fantastic and inclusive community with an amazing guild environment.

We have regular guild events and arrange our own PuG raids into ZG for Classic, and this will continue into TBC with 25 man raids and Karazhan 10 mans.

Looking for a few more members to be part of this excellent group of people in the run up to tbc.

In preparation of the now imminent arrival of TBC we are looking to bolster our numbers of the following classes: -


Tanks and healers in general are high on the wanted list. We are not restricting recruitment yet so all levels and classes welcome, as long as you fit into the core ethos of the guild and are genuinely an all round decent and mature (in age) person!

We have quite a few planning to Squid up and go Shaman in Pre-Patch so you can look forward to free hit and totem goodness.

We are also considering accepting smaller guilds that have a similar mindset, that may have lost a few members, to join us and get some stability going forward into TBC.

We are committed to Dragonfang and want to see this server continue to flourish and will try and be at the forefront of doing all we can to make this the best TBC experience it can be!**

Register interest here https:// discord.gg/3Rnn2zV or message me here or Vanash/Greedo/Serberous/Venette in game .

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