Primordial Wave changes I'd welcome

DF is almost here, and it looks like PrimoWave is here to stay.

I would like to see some changes :

  • Spell recolor : Plain and simple, green doesn’t match Shamans at all.
    Make it blue, fiery red, I don’t care, but something that matches “the elements”.
  • Spell Damage School : Since when do we deal shadow damage ? How about nature damage ? Fire damage ?
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I actually disagree. I was thinking the same way as you do, but then i realized, that Shadowlands is now canon, so our heroes kinda retain power from covenants. So these spells are part of our kit, the same way, as Isera Blessing, Odyns Fury and so on

Does it has to be green ? It looks like a*s and I don’t like it.
Odin’s fury : physical damage : makes sense for warriors.
Primordial wave : shadow damage : doesn’t make sense for shamans.

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It makes sense for necrolords) we kinda have powers of shadowlands now. Sounds stupid, but we are here now unfortunately

Exactly. It sounds stupid. So why not change it ?

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Coz lore is stupid and we need to be consistent XD

Xavius once said : I will not permit it.

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