Primordial Wave for Resto Sham is a terrible option, give us Chain Harvest instead

Chain Harvest is so much better for raid progression and key pushing. Primordial Wave maybe looks good to whoever put it in our talents because of the colour theme but it is so bad and most of the time useless. Just paint Chain Harvest blue, and put it instead of PW. The base cooldown should be 2 min and then the first two talent points can reduce it by 15/30 seconds while the last talent can make it apply Riptide to its targets.

This is a very obvious and needed change for any Resto Shaman who knows what they are doing and I have no clue why it has not been implemented yet.

While I am a fan of CHarvest, especially for enh/ele and would LOVE to have it in the class tree (so that is an option for resto), I do not think it fits on the resto tree.

Sorry but PWave is one of the best spells for resto. It is mana efficient, great burst healing tool for both raids and m+, and the setup required is actually rewarding when you pull it off. I can understand if you PERSONALLY do not like the spell, but I do not think it’s a good idea to be so aggressive on people that like it.

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I would love to see it in the class tree too, considering all the nerfs for Shamans in general that might be the way to go at this point.

On the other hand, I don’t think you have done hard enough content as Resto to completely understand the difference between the two but I can see your point. Basically, everything you have mention about PW, Chain Harvest just does better.

Dunno man, I mean after healing up to mythic lords of dread on resto and taking cutting edge jailer on my resto druid, I think I got the basics of healing down. But ofc, I might be wrong.

At current tuning yes. The problem with chain harvest for resto is not that it is weak, the problem is that it is a glorified chain heal with a CD. It does not provide any interesting decision making, setup or reward.
The only place where it is SOMEWHAT interesting is in m+/aoe fights that you actually utilize its damage/fs potential and increase your damage via Lava Burst funneling.
Apart from that point (and MAYBE some shenanigans with DRE and the extra riptides), it is a cool down that does not requires setup, can not be optimized, and does not interact with any other part of our kit.

But yeah, not saying that you are wrong for liking it, it is a big OHSH*T button that does its job, just not interesting IMO.

Chain harvest is much better than PW, I think it would give the Resto Shaman the boost it needs, I hope they put it in the talent tree soon!

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Playing one boss as RSham with 44 parse doesn’t really qualify someone as a healer tho. Unless none of your heal runs were logged. I think you would just have a better insight on Enha since it is the spec you main.

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Well, being able to perform well enough to get cutting edge as a healer would qualify me as a “healer” tho, although I suspect you wanted to clarify “shaman” healer.
But sure by that logic what are your credentials?

Oh my bad, I meant Resto Shaman healer, you are right. I should have been more specific.

Not great but good enough I believe to qualify me as a Resto Shaman healer. You can find all of it on raiderIO and logs, although I have not been very active during the Fated period.

Just wanted to make sure, cause I saw only one AotC and that you started in 2020.
Again, NO PROBLEM with that at all. Just felt weird cause you were speaking with enough confidence that I thought you were doing some hard content.

3k m+ rating and 91 parse on Jailer HC as RSham if you want to get into specifics. Again, nothing special but enough to qualify me to talk about its healing.

Your one (1) fight where you healed as RSham with 44 parse does not suffice I am afraid.

I will stop replying to you now since it brings no value to the post I made. I would suggest you focus on specs and classes that you are familiar with.

We can agree that both of those things are abit of a meme. 3k in season 3 is just 20s (your highest dungeon was literally the same level as mine, in resto spec), while heroic logs is abit of a meme. Could explain to you why, but I will not hold that against you since you are new.

Forgot to check all other season. If you checked other seasons/difficulties you would see that I actually played WHEN necro resto was meta for the raid, and have some perspective on BOTH playstyles.

Also, while I totally respect your choice to raid heroic, I do not believe you have any perspective on healing on a serious level (since I do not see anywhere ANY mythic kills/tries).
NOT saying that you should raid mythic, just that heroic is NOT hard content. No disrespect but you 4 healed with 16 people a fight that most mythic teams boost 30 man teams with 2 healers.

But yeah, on the topic of discussion comparing achievements does not really matter.

What matters is that you started a post on a class forum with your opinion, anyone who plays that class can comment and share his opinion :slight_smile: .

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Chain Harvest is basically the only thing I’d miss about Shadowlands :wink:


I see, that only CE people are allowed to answer, but i would kindly ask to to not ban me for my pathetic casual opinion, that Chain Harvest is just more FUN


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