Prince in Peril (Eon's Fringe Daily) Riverpaw Gnoll spawn rate


I’ve been trying to get this done today (working towards the DF Meta achievement) and the spawn rate of the mobs is comically low making the quest impossible to complete within a reasonable timeframe. I’ve managed to snipe two amongst the army of people in cave also looking in about two ten minute tries (before and after big dig). The Matriarch must have respawned half a dozen times in the last ten minute window I’ve been waiting however.

Not a new probelm apparently, according to the wowhead comments

By Glorinsson (7,276 – 2·10·18) on 2023/08/20 (Patch 10.1.5)

Took 20 minutes waiting for the mobs to respawn. Blizzard really dont test anything properly anymore

Could the spawn rate be significantly increased on the Riverside Gnolls please?

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