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Hi, i’ve just started playing wow recently. I’ve learned 2 professions and i can’t level them up. Like, i have minning and i’ve been mining and jewelcrafting. How do i level them up? I’ve been mining for jewels every time i could but only got rocks and couldn’t level up mining at all and there’s nothing to craft either. Both are stuck at lowest value. I can’t see any explanation in game and other sources kinda expect me to know everything anyway. So what, are these locked until i reach endgame? And i can’t mine anything for low level characters until i’m max level anyway?

Same with fishing and cooking - stuck at 1.

The professions are broken down into expansions in Retail. So it can be a bit of a pain working out where you can do what.

So depending on where you are levelling depends what skill you can increase. Each expansion will have it’s own set of profession trainers.


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thx for the answer

This guide is what I was talking about. There’s not a word in this guide that would answer my question. I’m asking "why i can’t level up my professions in kul thuras or whatever is it called and guide says “do this to level up minning in dragon islands” or “do this to level up minning in past expansions”.

Basically I’m supposed to figure out and then know which island was added in which of 10 expansions? This guide is made for someone who’s already been playing the game, not for someone new.

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Here is your Kul Tiras Mining Guide

Learn your Kul Tiran Mining from the trainer in the market behind the Inn in Boralus

I miss the old days, when professions were just levelled up from Day One to whereber you are now.

Blizzard chopped professions into, effectively, starting from scratch in each new expansion. :frowning:

You can learn BfA mining, but when you start Dragonflight, you will be starting from scratch again there, so I’m afraid there is no long-term benefit to spending time learning Kul Tiran Mining now.


I agree it’s not intuitive.

The logic behind the change was that we had too many expansions to level up through combined with the fact that people level in Chromie time now. We no longer work our way through each expansion to level up our characters.

So the idea is that you can level each profession from 1 to max for each expansion. Players can also completely ignore old expansions (once they reach Dragonflight) and just go straight into the current expansion without having to grind through all the old zones.

So… basically whatever i could get from zones other than current one is useless anyway and i shouldn’t waste time trying to use professions in zone other than dragon islands?

Not … entirely. Ore and herbs and cloth you get from old zones still sells, because there are gear pieces that can be made from them, that characters levelling in older expansions can use. So previous expansion professions aren’t completely useless. And many people like the completionism of having all expansion professions maxed out.

But nothing you do with previous expansion professions is required to do Dragonflight professions, and nothing you do with previous expansion professions will help at all with Dragonflight professions, so for most people it’s not worth looking at them,

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