Professions for alts/latecomers

So genuine question about leveling and using professions for alts or people that started on these professions late. Is there a way to catch up in terms of skill points (other than purchasing it with mettle you won’t have) and upgrading the skill level of certain recipes? I just started to level up tailoring to craft the sporecloak, investing all my points in the cloak tree for the time being, but only being able to craft 2 (and let’s be honest, no one wants those).

So how would I go about this? Is there any catch up mechanic for this or am I just so late to the party there’s no point until the next expansion?

There are no catch-up mechanics to my knowledge yet, so if you want to catch up you have to settle with the weekly cap on it and some RNG dragon shard of knowledge item drops.

To speed it up what I recommend you can do:

Make sure you do the weekly max collectible amount, which should be around 15+1 from a treatise that inscrption can craft. That includes doing the 2 quests (3 work orders+crafting something to trade in qith the NPC), 1 extra quest in moletown that you can get in Valdrakken, and 2 random drops from specific enemies (profession determines what you need to kill) and an extra drop from dirt or similar container in the open world.

Try to catch work orders for recipes you did not craft yet.

Buy the recipes for the PvP cloth pieces. Usually they are affordable to craft, and they tend to give the price back if you sell the max crafted PvP piece. If I remember right that should be 16 points just from that alone.

Gather Rep with the centaurs and Valdrakken accord, as they give you a knowledge boost at specific reknown levels two times.

The Loam Niffen reknown also gives you a one time boost for Boulders.

While you are joining in to the grind pretty late you aren’t forever behind now, asit does not seem like we are getting more trees to spend knowledge on currently.

If you are aiming to earn money from your profession then check what sells right now, or what new recipes are coming next patch. If you can get your hands on a recipe on high demand and max out the tree associated with it then you can still earn a healthy amount with work orders.

I forgot to mention that you also have a profession master you can find out in the world at a specified location, where you get another few knowledge points for free as well.

Aren’t the dragon shard things much more frequent drops when you need them? Like I rarely get them and I’m maxed out on mining and bs, but I see my mates get them a lot (not maxed proff)

Did you find all KP? Install profession knowledge weakaura and see if you missed something

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