Professions: Legion vs SL; what happened?

Legion was mostly great for all professions lovers. Many quests, different ranks which were acquired through all sorts of different content and a good upgrade system behind it with the Obliterum forge.
While not perfect, it definitely gave people something to do and a identity. If you wanted, you could play that expansion only by doing profession content (if you include alts). It felt integrated into the game.

So now Shadowlands comes and Professions feel completely abandoned, barely kept alive by your legendary crafting which already shows it cracks heavily. Basically the only thing that holds you back is gold, going through to max rank. No identity whatsoever. Crafted gear is essentially useless, you even need a relatively high rank with Ve’nari to craft 168 gear. What the hell?

When i saw the forge quest in Bastion, i immediately had the thought “why not use that system to craft some interesting blacksmith armor”? Just to give it more identity instead of hammering 2000 times on your anvil that stands 5 meter away from you.

“Casuals” complain about no content, because integral parts of the game aka professions, are basically left for dead. Look at inscription. So many options to make cool looking glyphs for your spells to look different. Make some quest chains with mechanically interesting minibosses or other stuff (like the bastion forge quest). Instead we get nothing.
I just dont understand how the biggest team ever in WoW just seems to lack so much content in comparison to Legion, when a working system has already been done by you? Sure you might have a little bit more time because WoD was abandoned a bit earlier but you also had a team that wasnt at 100% integrated yet and also lacked the experience you gained from Legion + BFA.

For me SL feels so empty because of stuff like this. Professions + Suramar (withered scenario anyone) already had so much stuff in them, that you didnt have to raid or die, m+ or die to have anything to do.
When i compare the amount of content in SL to Legion, it feels to me like you only have 1/4 of the team available, you had back then. (Mage tower hello?).

And dont get me started on the poor Archaeology kids. I didnt like it much and its system was pretty bland, but atleast there were some interesting rewards in Legion for it, like the mount and a puzzle assoicated to it i think? Now its indeeed literally dead because it doesnt exist.

To me it seems you have a very very huge problem with making enough content, even though you have a “larger than ever” team.


It might have been ‘great’ at first but you did profession quests for patterns that were useless by the time you got them. There’s a reason they bragged in Legion about them and remained silent when they didn’t put them in BfA.

How many times did you need to go kill Odyn for x reason for a prof quest.
Answer: too many.


But thats just a matter of tuning aka numbers. You could easily implement an upgrade system similar to the current PvP one and just scale it accordingly. Professions are the gearing professions thats missing currently (along with a better PvE system).

I also find professions bizarrely underutilized this expansion. There’s a lot of dropped gear from WQs… why not have made some system of allowing crafters to upgrade such items, even if just a few ilvl? Even make it complicated and/or expensive, anything. Why not more unique items per profession? Gathering profs are cool and all for making money this expansion, but they offer little or no utility this time around.

I really hope it was a matter of running out of time for Blizzard or something. Hopefully the upcoming patch throws us a bone.

I wasn’t a fan of the ranks system myself nor the having to go off to dungeons to be able to do my professions.

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No it was not.
What are you smoking?

Legion was incredibly disappointing in terms of professions.
I for one was expecting them to go back to Cata and WoD level of relevance, they were less relevant than WoD.

i can’t say i liked the obliterthingy and proffesion system in legion that much. Also in legion gathering proffesions were basicly worthless because of the vendor that sold all the mats for bloods of sargeras or however that currency was called again

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