Progression guild <scissor sister>

Hello everyone.

We are a new guild on burning legion by the name of Scissor sister. We are aiming for long term progression and are currently in the course of recruitement.

We plan on getting curved for all our guildies before the end of the season and also attack mythic raiding. Our end goal is to prepare for the next raid and be ready for progression when it will release and for this we are currently recruiting people of all classes.

Everyone is welcome to join although raids will generally be carried in english.

I currently have 9/10 on my horde toon have been raid leading several pugs at the beginning of expension and know the strats in nathria and we also have 2 more people that are experienced with nathria HC 10/10 and 9/10.

If you are interested in progression raiding we are the guild for you. Does not matter if it is your first time experiencing raiding we are here to back each other up.

We will also be doing mythic key pushes and for pvpers we plan to have rbgs as we get a steady core grp.

If you are interested do contact me on burning legion .

Hope to see you guys soon hf!

Contacts: Nielea, elouena, wisterria, sebrak, Sciemniacz.

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