Project Bubbles

Name to be decided. I will not be GM.

So as the day approaches there seems to be more and more rumblings as to what is going to happen when ‘classic’ hits. I have somehow been roped into playing again and doing the eternal grind once more. I will not be the GM but leave that to more enthusiastic, better organized and severely masochistic people.

There is a solid core of 12-15 of us 'old-school´ players who will be grouping up and it will be, in my opinion, cool to bring aboard more old faces. Pretty much anyone who was around on Nord back in Vanilla is instantly welcomed. Except for Jackieboy, unless he brings his sister.

Other players who wish to join a fun, dry and adult guild, please feel free to consider us. Spots will be available depending on classes required.

We will most likely be on a pvp server as alliance, because I will play Paladin or not play at all. Free mount + bubble&hearth? yes plx

If this is still going ahead I’d love to join up, I was Shannon back in old times!

Me and my friends will also be returning, be nice to be on the same realm as other old school Nords. Friends are also old school Nords such as Spectral, Galadius, Deor, Octo and Jackieboi (me). Sorry to say my sister wont be joining us though. Alliance and PVP server too.

Nice you namedrop all them but not me you b!tch Jack.

I’d love to wander around in Classic again. Altough my first char was an Orc Warlock until I found the light that is Holy in TBC and made this pally. Can’t decide yet on another paladiño tho’…

If this is still going ahead is there any idea which realm it’s gonna be on? Character name reservations open soon :smiley:

Load of us from Nordrassil from Ice have gone for Golemagg


It’s good to see you Bubbles. I’ll speak to you in game soon.

Yo guys, anyone who would like to join up for old time sakes you can hit me up at Bubbles on Mograine.

Alliance, PVP and yeah I’ll be a dwarf paladin again, because I’m a masochist like that

I’ll give you a bell once I’m out of this 12k bloody queue

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