Project Nemesis want you!

Lost, confused, suffering the effects of Alien hand syndrome or still self isolating to avoid the Covid apocalypse?

Happy 2021 all!

Don’t be alone we are the cure!!
(No gnomes were hurt in the manufacture of this antidote)

This is NOT just another day, this is a chance to make your dreams come true.

Never allow regrets to take the place of dreams even in the most torrid of times, live how you dream, be who you are meant to be with a guild that values you first toilet roll second.

Not withstanding a limited supply chain issue you’ll get your one size fits few Free Leper Gnome approved Hazmat suit on a 15 day no refund no return please allow 16 days for delivery as shown on Page 453 subsection 892 paragraph 48456 of the Gnomic Liberation Fronts terms and conditions for an incy whincy administration fee to cover minor costs that may likely be incurred for insurance, legal, settlement, medical care, accidental damage and life insurance.

It’s true we don’t believe in perfection just beautiful versions of brokenness its why Guildlife is not a problem to be solved it’s a reality to be experienced we’ll have you so engaged in guild chat you’ll be pulling 2 billion murlocs and falling off cliffs in no time, so what are you waiting for?

Remember Project nemesis do so very very well help keep the Spirit Healers from the unemployment queue are here to help YOU!

We’re not just looking for guildees but the right guildmates, think you fit the bill??
AS Azeroth’s 4th emergency service we try to put the social in social and the terror in Terokkar you could say we’re TRULY honorificabilitudinitatibus!

Come learn big, unpronounceable words how many guilds can be proud enough to be recommended by 4 out of 5 Spirit Healers?

Yes its true we’re Family-friendly, alt-friendly, Tank-friendly … even OCD friendly and what other guild can say they have their very own Bio dome we’ve even named it Transitus shield, its sound proof, draft proof Covid proof (subject to terms conditions and non hand gel allergies) BUT its also ooh so shiny with a lifetime guarantee.

Have we got your attention??

We’re just starting off on our Journey now into the big scary Castle that a duster and Dyson may help tidy up we need those not of faint heart but that of the Alliance lion for Discord Karaoke and to help us slay those big scary beasties and enjoy all the end game content available.

Reach out anyone of Project Nemesis Terrokar EU in game or visit our discord channel or have a chat with me on Battlenet:Jeebsjones#2394

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