Promoting unhealthy grinding for m+ legion items

Legion timewalking is almost over and during that time, people have found out that certain items from the timewalking mythic plus dungeons are very lucrative. It really concerns me because with an event that only spans for a week people are forced to do a crazy amount of dungeons to collect the said item. I think Blizzard needs to reevaluate the way limited events affect permanent content, because the idea of missing out an item because you didn’t grind hard enough should not be the general goal of future contents being added to the game.

I really hope Blizzard looks back to when they reintroduced the mage tower (December 8th 2021), that they keep the same length that event took which was about 3 weeks. That way people don’t have to feel rushed and can spread out their grind of items in a more healthy way.

How about people re-evaluate how they approach the game?

You aren’t “forced” to do anything and this season matters not a jot. There is no race, and if there were it would have been over by now anyway.

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You fail to see my point with this post. Sure this season may be irrelevant, but timewalking is eternal. When we move into dragonflight and have to comapre the same item from x timewalking dungeon with dragonflight items. The same question will arise.

You can’t come here and tell me this question is irrelevant. Because people will want to play the optimal way their class can be. Yes, this is a personal choice you as a person have made, but you shouldn’t be punished with unhealthy amount of grinding because you as a player want to optimize your class to the max. Especially with an event that only last one week.

On side it stupid they create this fomo , especialy high rank players have it bad because they literaly “need” to farm those items because they do matter .

On other side, its comunity/ player issue.

They should find a healthy way to balance it . Make there vendor where u can buy any item( or weapon/ rings/trinkets like dinars) after u finish like 20TWs so u have to put some work.

Or make it so that m+ tw is up with every TW event so there is less stress about fomo .

Imho i dont think timewalking should apply to m+.

I think this new system with them allowing old dungeons to be current m+ in itself creates enough shifting in BiS gear that its not really nessercary

Yea but since they created that they should handle it .

With DF we should get BFa timewalking , which is gona create even more mess

Depends if it stays for DF, maybe thats ehy their testing bringing old dungekns into the m+ cycle. To replace the timewalking m+ situation

Theres just no way to make timewalking feel good.

You roll a alt when its not on, its going to feel terrible to wait for the next timewalking event to farm it out.

Anything that Can have a effect on BiS items imho should be accessible for the entire of a season.

M+ as a TW event must be removed. I think they are doing just that in DF.

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The unhealthy part is really the player’s choice. I decided NOT to, which was my choice!

Gosh, if you people wouldn’t be so obsessed with this minmaxing bullsh** mentality, the game would become so much more enjoyable for you.

And what bothers me, that 95% of people minmaxing, are just average players in average guilds / groups, and not near cutting edge / race to world first players.

You guys really need to get this through your head - even if you are attempting cutting edge, by the time your guild clears it, it’s nerfed so heavily, it’s more of a ballet aka performing mechanics correctly, and not the incredibly tough dps race Echo / Liquid go through.

Farming BIS is your own fault. Noone is forcing you to do so.


Yes,average people who are trying to do better/get better.

By your fallible logic,people aren’t allowed to min/max gear in order to progress further/find better groups who do very much pay attention to what gear you have,because there are 2 top guilds in the world,and outside of that nothing else was supposed to matter?

How do you think top rated people became top rated?They didnt become best in the world by stacking versatility as balance druids,i can tell you that much.

Why arent you stacking crit as a tank?Why are you chasing versatility?Maybe because you would get obliterated as a tank without it huh?

You cant sit there and judge others for trying to do better,when you yourself NEED to have certain stat in order not to get oneshot.

You should quit simping for echo and liquid its honestly sad,i felt second hand embarrassment the moment i red your reply.

Btw so many top pve guilds in the past managed to clear content only after it was nerfed,so please…

What you wrote, is a load of crap. You failed to understood my reply, and went on with your rant for no absolute reason.

And spending dozens of hours chasing one item ain’t going to make you much better. Stop obsessing.

Poor rant though, lacks coherence.

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To save u some time, u will replace all ur loot later.

By that logic,everyone should be running around in crafted gear,because endgame gear is going to become irrelevant in few month…

Why playing game at all?

Oh but i did understand you,and replied to your simping,but now when you got called on the saddest thing man can do (is to be a simp) i suddenly do not understand what you wanted to say…

That logic fails with the speed of light when you look at anyone who had any success in any game.They are aiming for specific items for a reason.

I play for mounts and stuff, gear is just a bonus u get on the way.

If u really need that extra loot to get that mount then i’m okay with it but just farming gear makes no sense to me.

Youre equating the masses with the 0,1% and you talk about logic failures?


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I didn’t even reply to him, a waste of time :rofl:

Also check his progress while you’re at it, I would take him more serious if he had some progress, but he’s a LFR raider, and he doesn’t even have KSM in S4, he probably barely got it in S3, and this is the type of player berating me about the ‘minmaxing’ mentality haha, what a joke :rofl: