Prot Pala/Mage 12/12M (CE Player) LF GUILD


Im 33yo player ,playing since Vanila wow, and looking for semi hardcore guild either on Alliance or Horde. I would prefer Horde Kazzak,TM,Draenor but any good deal is good deal. Im 12/12M on Mage this tier, but Prot pala is my main and playing it since day 1 (Protection since WOTLK).

Im looking guild that have history in raiding as im looking to find home for longer period of time. I can offer 100% attendance (unless some serious sh*t happens), fully prepared for raid, used to wipes on progress raids. Looking for fun but dedicated community.

Feel free to contact me on DISCORD (as im active on it on mobile):
or Bnet (ill answer when log on): Straydergame#2311

Hello, our guild might be of interest to you.
I’ve added you to Bnet as Sealed#2123 to have a chat.

Hi Touchofkings,

Immersion is a newly formed guild on Outland! We are looking to round out a good team for the ends of BfA and put together a strong mythic squad for the beginning of SL. We are currently recruiting all classes and specs with a particular emphasis on ranged DPS.

Although we are a new guild, the plan is to be a competitive guild in SL raiding two days a week (expecting raid days to be set as Thursday/Sunday 20:30-23:30ST) with a potential to add Tuesday, although this won’t be mandatory.

We are expecting to be a CE guild in the first tier of SL and expect applicants to be commited to this goal. That being said, we are also recruiting for our social side of the guild, with the plan to run a social raiding schedule with the potential for people who have less experience in raiding making their way into the main team through this route. RBGs, Arena and mythic+ runs are already held daily.

What you can expect from us.
A stable guild with a strong core who are all like minded when it comes to progression: we want to progress at a fast pace, but not at the expense of a fun experience for everyone involved. We want to create a ‘just culture’ that is to say an atmosphere in which mistakes are willingly brought forward and learnt from rather than trying to be hidden for fear of what the raid leader might say.
Outside of raiding, a social guild with achievment and mount runs, mythic keys and people hanging out on discord.

What we expect from you.
We expect a high level of commitment from you. This does not mean you have to maintain a 99% raid attendance or you’ll be benched, real life happens, but we expect our mythic team members to be on top of new developments for their class, min maxing everything reasonably within their power and spending time researching and coming up with ideas to use during progression.
We also expect you to be a decent human being and it goes without saying that toxicity in any form is just not tolerated.

If you would like to discuss anything, please get into contact with me through discord (Rhoan Birch#6369) or battlenet (Yumo#2227) or any officer ingame.


Still looking…

Let’s give it a shot